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Families are best described as loving units of people who may be blood related or not, who support one another emotionally, financially and physically. Our family teaches us important core values and guides us through life’s challenges. With their unconditional love and support we become all that we can be. In many family homes, the dynamic and different personalities or future wishes can cause distress, conflict and dysfunction. A closer look at family therapy and the benefits it can provide will assist in helping you live a healthier, stable lifestyle and maintain those all-important connections you share with your relatives.

What is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is a practice that involves focus on the issues and dynamics within familial relationships. For substance abusers and addiction, many individuals who are going through an intervention require their families be present too. Families can often serve as a trigger for self-destructive behaviors. Family therapy is a comprehensive practice in which all members’ needs are addressed. From a look at the family environment to the dynamic that plays out in each relationship, the purpose is to assist in improving relationships and restoring a healthy connection that each member can value.

The Role of a Family Counselor

A family therapist helps address a variety of psychological disorders including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Substance Abuse and Dependence
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Marital conflicts

To address the conflicting family issues and constraints, a professional therapist must complete research into the factors responsible for difficulties!

The Process of Family Therapy

Family therapy is completed by means of an assessment. All members of the family unit are carefully examined from behaviors to general attitudes. A counselor aims to analyze these interactions and create a unique report based on his or her observations. A unique treatment plan is formulated to offer families guidance, support and ways of overcoming conflict in a healthy manner.

Therapists providing family support and assistance help determine the best strategy and the steps that every family member must take to live a balanced and supported lifestyle. Where psychological conditions are present, therapeutic solutions focus on addressing family interactions in the family context.

A professional is able to identify the dysfunctional behaviors in the family and advice on corrective therapy. Every step is taken to ensure that all members are assessed and are provided the support they need to unite and improve their interactions. Our analysis detects dysfunctional behaviors and disturbances. Based on these limitations, we create intervention to produce positive changes in attitudes, behaviors and the overall family dynamic. This includes the introduction of therapies to teach individuals the skills needed to live healthier lifestyles and develop positive relationships.

Consult professional therapist

With Thriveworks Therapy and Coaching, we introduce family therapy to improve the dynamics and individual relationships in groups. From the support of family members to the introduction of the tools needed to cope constructively, all members can benefit from the unique assistance and practices delivered. We boast of a therapeutic environment that is caring, loving, respectful and tailored to address the needs of the dysfunctional families.

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