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If you are newly engaged or considering marriage, premarital counseling is the best resource you can invest in for the future health of your relationship. Marriage is a major step in a relationship. Not only is it legally binding but requires ongoing compromise, respect and a healthy dynamic that both parties can manage. With the option of premarital counseling, all couples will receive the support needed to determine how to compromise and learn how to reach an incredibly healthy, lasting relationship.

What is Premarital Counseling?

The process of premarital counseling includes working with a couple who is engaged or considering marriage. It is also a great option for those who are invested in long term relationships and considering a future union. A therapist will work with each couple to learn of the strength of the relationship including the couple’s dynamic. A complete assessment is performed with the purpose of delivering an overview of the health of each couple.

The therapist can assist in presenting couples with a series of tasks to perform including the creation of scenarios in which each couple must provide their opinions and ways they would manage circumstances or gender roles. Every interaction is examined by the therapist. Based on the results, intervention is determined. Many couples run into significant conflicts before marriage. Meeting with a premarital therapist can teach you how to cope with the demands that are causing differences in opinion.

The Benefits of Premarital Counseling

Financial issues are explored in the context of future marriage. Your certified therapist will learn of the ways each person would handle the shared financial responsibilities in a marriage. Many couples fail to consider the importance of exploring financial plans and the impact that it can have on a relationship.

The therapist will present the couples with scenarios that may not have been discussed including the idea of children, how many and when it may occur in the marriage. During this stage there are many people who discover that their partner may not want kids or one person wants one child while the other a small sports team! Every perspective is different and every area should be explored to determine where couples stand on poignant issues.

Therapy before marriage teaches couples important relationship skills. IF you are new in the relationship or may have considered marriage but running into conflict, then seeking premarital counseling is the best option for your needs.

Marriage is a major step in a relationship. With the option of seeking premarital counseling, each couple can learn how to pursue their individual and group goals. Tools are provided to manage conflict while financial matters and core values are explored to learn how couples manage each of these.

Seeking premarital counseling offers a multitude of benefits for the bridal couple. This includes the ability to build strong relationships that will stand the test of time. Call on Thriveworks Counseling and Coaching -McDonough to learn more about premarital counseling and the multitude of benefits it offers for your mental and physiological health.

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