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The reality of workaholism is a breakdown in relationships and inabilities to cope with life’s challenges in a healthy way. Working consistently may not appear to be a problem, but when it becomes a means to escape or results in an obsession sacrificing loved ones and important aspects in your life, then it is time to seek support. Learn how to treat workaholism the healthy and constructive way with the following professional healthcare tips.

How Dangerous is Workaholism?

Workaholism is often the result of a much bigger problem. The workaholic is defined as an individual who feels a compulsion to work and to complete outstanding tasks without concern for anything else. Many men and women are often drawn to work to avoid some pressing problem or complexities in life. Unfortunately, immersing oneself in such tasks will not resolve the issue. Workaholism is recognized as a need to continue working and the sense of dread or sheer panic when you are not working. Most recreational and relaxation activities are sacrificed with the purpose of investing in professional applications.

The influence of a professional and career-driven culture has made it much more difficult for our work to take a backseat and to live our lives to the fullest. While this does not mean being neglectful, it does mean that a work-life balance needs to be achieved. From a problematic relationship at home to personal difficulties, remaining work focused can cause social, emotional and interpersonal problems.

You need a professional therapeutic approach

To achieve improvements in well-being and a balance in your work life, a therapeutic approach is necessary. Reliance on the objectiveness of a professional therapist can help you see that workaholism is simply a symptom of something larger or more complex at play.

Many therapeutic options are available in the treatment of the workaholic. Individual therapy can assist in identifying unresolved issues while family therapy helps determine the dynamic of important relationships. Reliance on social support, whether through group meetings for workaholics or online forums, sharing what you feel, and think can provide relief.

How Can Therapy Help?

The goal for therapy is to determine ways of incorporating healthy behavior and cognitive processing. An experienced and a professional therapist will work with each client to address and overcome addictive thought patterns and actions. The sole cause of workaholism must be determined and the steps taken to achieve healthy and effective results.

An individual assessment is completed by a certified therapist. Based on this assessment the exploration of causes for impulsive and addictive behaviour can reveal why workaholism has become the central focus for the patient. The role of your counselor is to determine which therapeutic solution is the best for your healthcare requirements and goal achievement. This may include an exploration of individualproblems or a look at the family dynamic. Problems may stem from a past trauma or an inability to find healthy coping mechanisms.

Work with a Professional Counselor at Thriveworks

Remaining career driven is not a bad thing, but when relationships suffer, you no longer find pleasure in regular activities and there is much anxiety when you are not working, it is time to seek a professional counseling service with Thriveworks McDonough. Call us to schedule an appointment (678) 853-5849.


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