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Mary saw the number and immediately teared up. Stepping on the scale has never been easy for her, but it is not for trying. Mary does her best to eat good foods and stay away from bad ones. She exercises as often as she can, but Mary has never felt at home in her own body. A few times, she has lost over twenty pounds, but the change never lasted. Within several months, the weight plus some was back on. Mary is tired of this battle. She does not expect to be a super model, but she would like to like her own body. Mary is not alone in her struggle. Many other men and women know what Mary is going through. All too often, the latest dieting fads leave people yo-yoing between weight gain and weight loss without addressing health in a holistic way. Mental health counseling for weight management takes a different approach and has a different goal. Skilled therapists often work with clients who are struggling with their bodies. Instead of focusing upon following strict rules about eating and exercise, counseling for weight management focuses upon how emotional health might benefit physical health. By working with a therapist, many people have been empowered to establish a healthier self-image, and upon this healthy foundation, they can sustain long-term physical and emotional change.

“I think there’s so much emphasis on body image and results and outcome, but really what you should be after is to be healthy and to feel good about yourself.”
—Abby Wambach

Frequently, when people think about weight management, they think about the gym, coaches, trainers, nutritionists, and the like, but that perception is changing. Along with going to the gym, people are going to therapy as they are working toward physical and emotional health. People’s minds and bodies are interconnected. Oftentimes, what people learn through mental health care benefits their journey for physical health as well.

The counselors at Thriveworks Littleton are seeing more and more clients who are utilizing therapy as a part of their weight management journey. Our therapists and clients work together to cultivate love and acceptance of their unique body, both in its strengths and its faults. In doing so, they are often laying the foundation for long-term emotional and physical health.

Body Weight Struggles in America

Americans are having a hard time with maintaining a healthy weight. This is no secret or surprise. The Centers for Disease Control has found that people of all ages are struggling. According to their data…

  • For adults (20 years and older):
    • 20 % are overweight.
    • 20 % are obese.
  • For kids:
    • Ages 12-19: 20 % are obese.
    • Ages 6-11: 17 % are obese.
    • Ages 2-5: 9 % are obese.

These numbers represent more than blood pressure, cholesterol, waist size, and other biometrics. They often represent psychological and emotional pain. What is happening in an individual’s body affects their mind, and what happens in their mind can affect their body. The solution to weight management, therefore, must address both the mind and the body.

Therapy for Weight Management

What benefits are there to going to the counseling office as well as the gym for weight management? Therapy often lays a strong foundation for emotional and physical health by addressing past wounds and by building coping skills.

Addressing past wounds. When people are fighting a mental illness as well as their bodies, their challenges are multiplied. Therapy can often help people manage their depression and anxiety as they manage their weight, easing their burden. Also, certain mental health challenges can fuel a contentious relationship with the body. Eating disorders can develop in people of every weight. These mental health issues are important for healthy living. They may not be as obvious as the number on the scale, but they are often just as vital.

Building coping skills. As past wounds heal, people can build up their resiliency for the future. A big part of resiliency is self-awareness. Oftentimes, negative and untrue thoughts hold people back, but when they are aware of these thinking patterns, they can change their mindset. This skill is very empowering for riding the ups and downs of weight management.

For example, many people who struggle with their weight tell themselves things like…

  • I have been so good today. I’ll reward myself with food [ice cream, wings, fries, cookies, et cetera].
  • I overate today. I need to skip dinner [food as a punishment].
  • I will never feel at home in my own body. I just cannot appreciate it.

In contrast, when people work with a therapist, they may develop healthier beliefs and skills, such as…

  • How to use goals for motivation (instead of punishments or rewards).
  • Ways to cope with life’s challenges or with difficult emotions that are not linked to food.
  • Practical expectations for change.
  • How to recover after a setback.

Appointments at Thriveworks Littleton for Weight Management Counseling

Are you ready for thinking about your health in a holistic way? If so, you may be ready for weight management counseling. Thriveworks Littleton has appointments available. When you call our office, a scheduling specialist will answer—we do not have an automated response or voicemail. Instead, real people help our client schedule their appointments. We offer evening and weekend sessions. We also accept many different forms of insurance. Let’s get started. Call today.

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