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Have you ever had a night when you want to sleep but instead you are up, making tomorrow’s to-do list or cleaning out your closets or binge watching infomercials? Have you had several of those nights strung together… maybe even for weeks or months at a time? Insomnia makes it difficult for many people to receive the sleep they need. Often, people who struggle with insomnia are tired, but they cannot sleep.

There is no silver bullet for better sleep, but many people with sleep disruptions have had their rest restored through cognitive behavior therapy. This holistic treatment equips people with practical steps that optimize their body’s ability to sleep. And going deeper, it also may uncover and treat insomnia’s root cause.

The counselors at Littleton, CO offer holistic insomnia treatment and enjoying helping their clients reclaim a good night’s sleep.

Life Can Be Harder with Insomnia

Enough sleep is foundational for emotional and physical health. Sleep restores the human mind and body. Rest may bring healing. Rest may rejuvenate. Sleep disruptions rob people of these benefits and can leave difficult side effects in its wake.

Insomnia’s side effects often include…

  1. Fatigue.
  2. Difficulty concentrating.
  3. Memory loss.
  4. Weight gain.
  5. Decreased sex drive.
  6. Anxiety.

Insomnia and its difficult side effects can have various causes, both internal and external.

  • External Causes — Sleep disturbances may arise during times of major life transitions such as moves, family difficulties, and job changes. Sleep environment can also make sleeping difficult and trigger insomnia.
  • Internal Causes — Certain people are more susceptible to sleep disruptions because of a medical condition, their family history, or the medications they take. Insomnia often accompanies medical difficulties such as restless leg syndrome, heartburn, menopause, depression, or chronic pain.

What Do Sleep Disruptions Look Like?

Insomnia can take different forms in different people.

Maybe your insomnia is like Anna’s. She lies awake for hours before falling asleep. Anna wants to fall asleep at a reasonable hour each night, but she has trouble. Often, Anna cannot fall asleep until three or four in the morning. Occasionally, she is awake all night.

Maybe you are like Jared. He falls asleep easily each night, but then Jared will wake up after just a short rest. He wants to sleep through the night, and at times, he has returned to sleep for an hour or two before dawn. However, many nights, Jared is not getting the sleep he needs.

Insomnia Counseling in Littleton, CO

Insomnia counseling has guided many clients toward effective adjustments in their life that optimize their chances for a good night’s sleep. Littleton, CO’s insomnia counselors have appointments available and are ready to help.

Our professional use a holistic treatment for insomnia—cognitive behavior therapy. There is no magic formula or silver bullet for better sleep, but Littleton, CO’s insomnia counselors explore what may be causing insomnia for their clients and guide them toward effective solutions.

Each client faces unique sleep disruptions and particular root causes for those disruptions. Our insomnia counselors may find individualized, practical steps that may lead to better sleep. Sometimes, our professionals work with their clients on…

  • Limiting sleep. In order to sleep more at night, some people need to limit their daytime sleep or limit the time they spend in bed. Catnaps may help people get through their day after a rough night’s sleep, but they may also contribute to the insomnia. Similarly, some people relax in bed when they are tired but not sleeping. Doing this may confuse the body whereas using your bed only for sleep or sex allows the body to associate that space with rest. Our counselors often guide their clients toward sleeping patterns that facilitate the body’s ability to sleep.
  • Practicing a meditation routine. The thought of sleeping can cause anxiety in people who struggle with sleep disturbances, but our counselors have helped their clients learn how to channel their thoughts away from the anxiety and toward relaxing, calming, and peaceful thoughts. With time and practice, a nightly meditation routine can help the body and mind prepare for sleep.
  • Adjusting diet and exercise. Fatigue from insomnia often means that people drop their exercise routine and reach for caffeine. While caffeine can help with alertness in the short-term, in the long-run, too much caffeine perpetuates the sleep disruption. Similarly, exercising during the day can prepare the body for nighttime rest. Our professional often guide their clients to make informed, proactive choices about diet and exercise.

Insomnia counseling at Littleton, CO has helped many clients achieved an improved night’s sleep. The combination of practical adjustments and treatment of insomnia’s cause often leads to sweet dreams. Our insomnia counselors are experienced and willing to help.

Available Insomnia Counseling

Our insomnia counselors have appointments available. Call to schedule your time. We have convenient night and weekend appointment times. We also accept many insurance plans.

Insomnia can make life harder. Setting up an appointment for insomnia counseling should be easy.

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