Psychological Testing and Assessment Services in Littleton, CO

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Psychological Testing and Assessment Services in Littleton, CO

Thriveworks Littleton offers comprehensive psychological testing and assessment services for adolescents and children (ages 2 and older) and their families.

Our comprehensive evaluations are designed to not only identify challenges in specific areas such as cognitive abilities, learning disabilities, developmental delays, attention/behavioral functioning, and social-emotional functional status, but also to identify individual strengths, talents and gifts.

Our testing services uniquely include specific recommendations and resources to facilitate effective therapeutic and educational plans based on assessment results. We believe that testing is made meaningful when the discoveries are incorporated into one’s life.

We specialize in the following assessment services:

  • Cognitive Functioning and Intelligence Testing, including Giftedness Identification and Intellectual Disabilities
  • Learning and Academic Functioning Assessments
  • ADHD Evaluations
  • Assessment of Adaptive Functioning and Development
  • Social-Emotional Functioning and Diagnosis of Psychological Disorders
  • Differential Diagnosis Assessments

We are happy to help guide you in determining the type of evaluation that would best benefit you and/or your family. If you think that you or a family member could benefit from psychological testing and assessment services, schedule an appointment by calling (720) 255-1834 Dr. Sandis (direct), or reach out directly by emailing

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