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Counselors and clients alike are grateful that in today’s world, professionals agree that there are many ways to treat personality disorders. In past decades, this was not the case. Today options include both therapies and pharmaceutical solutions.

Personality disorders are more common than many people believe

Would you be surprised to learn that almost 1/3 of people seeking help for mental health problems have a personality disorder? There are many different types of disorders under this umbrella term but they’re generally collected under one of three different classifications:

  1. Anxiety and fear-based behaviors. Examples include compulsive personality disorder and avoidant personality disorder.
  2. Behaviors classified as dramatic, emotional, or erratic. Common examples in this classification include narcissistic personality disorder and borderline personality disorder.
  3. Eccentric and / or odd behaviors. Schizoid personality disorder and paranoid personality disorder are two examples of eccentric and odd behavior personality disorders.

Of course, not every personality disorder fits under these three classifications.

Treatment starts with a single step

The idea of seeking help for these disorders can feel overwhelming. The good news is that it all starts with a single step. That step varies for each client based on their needs but often it’s as simple as getting emotions under control with either medication or counseling.

Learn to let go of core beliefs that aren’t serving you

People with personality disorders are familiar with core beliefs even if they don’t know the term for them. It applies to beliefs clients have about themselves (and in some cases others) that are both rigid and inflexible. No matter how much proof is offered to them that they’re not true, the client simply can’t let go of it.

Thriveworks Knoxville Counseling and Coaching works one-on-one with clients to help them understand where these core beliefs come from and to create plans that can help them let go of them to move on with their lives.

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Thriveworks Counseling Knoxville

Justin Hall was great

I saw Justin for assistance with OCD. He showed me how to look at things in a way that did not allow my OCD to...Read more

take over. I will would highly recommend him.

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Thriveworks Counseling Knoxville


I have been taking my 7 year old grandson to see Justin. He had horrible anxiety. It saddened us to see how ba...Read more

d it was. He had developed tics. Justin was absolutely wonderful with him. He has overcome most of his fears and tics have went away. I would highly recommend Justin.

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Thriveworks Counseling Knoxville

Cannot Recommend Enough

Going to Thriveworks for the past year and a half has been the most rewarding counseling experience I’ve had...Read more

. Seeing Lindsey has had the single biggest impact on my emotional and mental health, especially in healing from past childhood abuse and trauma, and ongoing PTSD. Out of multiple counselors in two states, Lindsey Chandler is by far the one with whom I’ve felt the most accepted, supported, and encouraged by. I am grateful for the Thriveworks space, as it is not at all clinical nor intimidating, but entirely warn and welcoming. It is nearly a scent-free environment, which is vital for the comfort of any highly sensitive persons. I choose to drive an hour from home each visit specifically to stay loyal to a place where I finally feel safe and valued—where in the past commuting five minutes from home to work with a therapist felt like a chore and an ordeal—and I will continue to do so as I work further toward a healthier me.

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