Codependency and Dependent Personality Disorder Therapy in Knoxville

Anyone living with a chronic psychological condition will fully appreciate just how debilitating this can be on their everyday life. Codependency and Dependent Personality Disorder are types of psychological conditions which fall under the umbrella term of Anxious Personality Disorders. They are connected with an unhealthy dependency on another person in their life in order for the sufferer to feel validated and able to function. Codependency counseling and therapy for Dependent Personality Disorder may well prove to be beneficial to anyone who believes they are suffering from such a psychological disorder.

Typical Traits to be Aware of

If you are able to recognize any of the following traits in yourself, it may well be the case that codependency counseling will be of benefit to you:

  • Do you depend on others for your own emotional wellbeing?
  • Do you live to serve the needs of others to an unhealthy extent?
  • Do you find that you need excessive reassurance from another person in order to get through everyday life?
  • Are you submissive toward another person to an extent that may be unnatural?
  • Do you find yourself blaming the person you are dependent on for all the negative aspects of your life?

If you feel that you are able to resonate with any of the bullet-points above, there is a possibility that therapy for a Dependent Personality Disorder might prove to be the answer for you.

Identifying that You Need Help

As with all psychological disorders, it is important to remember that people with conditions such as Codependency and Dependent Personality Disorder may not necessarily even know that there is a problem in the first place. After all, it is most likely that they have been living with the condition for their entire lives and such types of behavior may seem completely acceptable and ‘normal’ to them.

We fully appreciate just how difficult that first step can be when it comes to seeking therapy for Codependency and Dependent Personality Disorder. With this in mind, if you do feel there is a possible problem at play here, feel free to get in contact with us today to schedule that all-important first session.

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Justin Hall was great

I saw Justin for assistance with OCD. He showed me how to look at things in a way that did not allow my OCD to...Read more

take over. I will would highly recommend him.

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I have been taking my 7 year old grandson to see Justin. He had horrible anxiety. It saddened us to see how ba...Read more

d it was. He had developed tics. Justin was absolutely wonderful with him. He has overcome most of his fears and tics have went away. I would highly recommend Justin.

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Cannot Recommend Enough

Going to Thriveworks for the past year and a half has been the most rewarding counseling experience I’ve had...Read more

. Seeing Lindsey has had the single biggest impact on my emotional and mental health, especially in healing from past childhood abuse and trauma, and ongoing PTSD. Out of multiple counselors in two states, Lindsey Chandler is by far the one with whom I’ve felt the most accepted, supported, and encouraged by. I am grateful for the Thriveworks space, as it is not at all clinical nor intimidating, but entirely warn and welcoming. It is nearly a scent-free environment, which is vital for the comfort of any highly sensitive persons. I choose to drive an hour from home each visit specifically to stay loyal to a place where I finally feel safe and valued—where in the past commuting five minutes from home to work with a therapist felt like a chore and an ordeal—and I will continue to do so as I work further toward a healthier me.

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