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We’re glad you’ve taken the time to consider how couples therapy might benefit the health of your relationship. All relationships experience positive and negative seasons, ups and downs.

Yours is no different. What you’re experiencing right now is likely not what your relationship was like when you first got together and is inevitably different from what your relationship could be like in the near future.

Perhaps you are like Maggie and Chris. After marrying right out of college, it didn’t take long for them to question if their commitment was premature. Chris wanted to travel the world and Maggie was curious about exploring life as a single, independent woman. In just three years of marriage, wanderlust led to resentment. On the day Liz and John’s last son moved away to college, they sat across from each other at dinner, terrified. After over twenty years of raising children, they hardly knew each other. Both felt overwhelmed by how to start a new phase of life together.

Or maybe your situation reminds you of Tiffany and Brian, two dedicated parents who grew up in radically different homes. Tiffany never had a curfew as a teenager and Brian was expected to wear a collared shirt to dinner. Now raising a rebellious 16-year-old daughter, they constantly bicker about how to find a common ground in their philosophies on parenting.

Are you satisfied with the state of your relationship?

Often explicit circumstances—like parenting, infidelity, trust issues, or problems getting along — drive our clients to seek professional guidance. In other cases, couples choose to see a therapist based on a sense that their relationship is missing something. Others come because they want for more intimacy and connection.

Are you willing to do the work to improve the quality of your relationship?

It’s perfectly normal to feel apprehensive or overwhelmed at the prospect of talking about the personal issues in your relationship. If you’re like some of our clients, one partner might be ready for therapy while the other has some reservations. However, years of experience in the field tell us that making a commitment to change is far more effective and fruitful when done under the guidance of a professional.

Change doesn’t happen overnight, but we believe it can be achieved sooner and with more promising results when it happens within the support system of counseling. Thriveworks therapists specialize in a variety of strategies to get to the root of your particular challenge.”

We’re ready when you are. Making an appointment is your first assignment.

Why Thriveworks Knoxville Couples Counseling?

Thriveworks licensed counselors listen to your story. We assess the needs and goals of the individuals in counseling and the needs and goals of the relationship. Our job is to offer you new tools to help navigate through your specific issues and arrive a place of understanding and resolution. Our therapists don’t tell you what decisions to make. We facilitate conversation and practices that develop a fuller understanding of your sense of self, family history, and relationship dynamics. That’s how real change happens.

Most clients who are new to counseling are surprised to learn that our therapists consider the most constructive paths for each of the “three clients” in a session: the two partners, and the relationship itself. For instance, Tiffany and Brian were loving, generous, and emotionally healthy individuals. They simply wanted the best for their daughter. It was just their style of communication that needed some work. This distinction helped them see their situation in a more positive and hopeful light.

Get to Know Us

Thriveworks Knoxville couples counseling has helped thousands of couples improve the quality of their relationships. Our mission at Thriveworks Knoxville Counseling is to offer a positive, empowering and life-enriching experience for our clients.

With a staff of highly trained, licensed mental health professionals, Thriveworks has achieved national media acclaim as leaders in our field. In addition to attention on national ABC and NBC broadcasts, Thriveworks has been featured in publications such as The Boston Business Journal, The Boston Globe, The Chicago Tribune, Counseling Today, Prevention, and Psychiatric Times.

A Space to Be Yourself

Couples therapy requires transparency and a sense of safety. That’s why we provide a comfortable setting for talking through your situation — the good and the bad parts.

Our Knoxville, Tenn., facilities offer private rooms with tasteful décor. We want you to feel at home when you’re with us.

Relationships are complex, and explaining your history to a third party may feel daunting. That’s why we hire therapists who are warm, compassionate, and focused listeners.

There is no “right” way or “wrong” way to arrive at a session. Our therapists are prepared to meet you exactly where you are.

No Waiting List Policy For Couples Counseling

We understand that the circumstances that drive couples to therapy can be emotionally intense, so we make a point to be absolutely accessible to our clients. We’ve made it easy for you to get in touch.

Our counselors are available within 24 hours of the time you call to make an appointment. We honor punctuality in all of our sessions; we always start and end on time.

As a Thriveworks Knoxville couples counseling client, you always have the option to call your counselor, even if you don’t have an appointment. You can expect to receive a prompt call back, even during evening hours. In addition, mental health professionals are on standby 24-hours a day in the case of an urgent event.

Yes, We Accept Your Insurance!

Thriveworks Knoxville couples counseling is pleased to accept most insurance plans. We believe cost should never be an obstacle to pursuing couples counseling.

Ready to Take the First Step?

We believe investment in your emotional wellness is just as essential to your overall health as regular exercise and proper nutrition. Couples counseling can be a powerful tool in bringing balance to your personal life and relationship.

Make your first move to pursue counseling therapy services with a Thriveworks provider today. Call us at 865-730-4171.

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