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Melinda reluctantly got in the car to go to therapy. Her parents had set up the appointment, and they were coming with her. Melinda had been spending a lot of time online, but she felt fine about it. Her parents, however, were concerned. When they sat down with the counselor, Melinda’s parents started. They pointed out how she had lost weight and interest in school and after-school activities. They noted how little she sleeps, and they said they worry about her safe: who is she talking to and meeting? Melinda was irritated. The counselor invited her to share how she saw things differently. Melinda did not want to talk. The counselor asked her parents to give them a few minutes alone. Melinda has had a lot of changes at school. Her closest friends had been excluding her, and she told the counselor about being bullied. Online, she has friends to get it. Melinda spends so much time talking to them because no one else understands. This first appointment was a big step for Melinda. The counselor believes that she does have an Internet Addiction, but her counselor also knows that there are a number of resources and treatment options available to help Melinda recover.

“Turn off your email; turn off your phone; disconnect from the Internet; figure out a way to set limits so you can concentrate when you need to, and disengage when you need to. Technology is a good servant but a bad master.” —Gretchen Rubin

More and more, people are struggling to regulate their Internet use. Internet and computer addiction are increasingly causing trouble and disrupting people’s lives. With so much access, it can be difficult to keep the Internet a servant—not a master. And yet, there are effective treatments for Internet addiction. Just like other behavioral addictions (like gambling or shopping), Internet can change an individual’s brain, and treatments work to rebalance the brain.

Thriveworks Knoxville offers appointments for Internet addiction. We are seeing more and more clients who compulsively go online, and therapy has been a part of their treatment plan to regain control.

What Is an Internet Addiction?

The idea that someone could be addicted to the Internet was first suggested by Dr. Ivan Goldberg in 1995. The idea was received as a joke, but as more and more mental health professionals study how people use the Internet compulsively, the condition is no longer seen as a joke but as a serious mental health problem.

By 1998, Dr. Kimberly S. Young had developed criteria for recognizing Internet addiction. An individual who exhibits five of the following symptoms, they may have an addiction to the Internet:

  1. Being preoccupied with the Internet.
  2. Increasingly needing to spend time online to feel the same level of satisfaction.
  3. Repeated but failed attempts to stop or curb Internet use.
  4. Feeling depressed, moody, or irritable when not online.
  5. Using the Internet longer than one planned to use it.
  6. Taking personal or professional risks in order to be online.
  7. Lying about Internet use.
  8. Regulating one’s mood through Internet use.

Dr. Young also outlined several ways to use the Internet compulsively that can be considered subcategories of Internet addiction:

  • Cybersex addiction: Using adult websites for sex and porn compulsively.
  • Cyber-relationship addiction: Being overly involved in online relationships.
  • Net compulsions: Gambling, day-trading, or shopping online obsessively.
  • Information addiction: Surfing the web or searching databases compulsively.
  • Computer addiction: Obsessive online gaming.

Symptoms for Internet Addiction

The signs that someone has an Internet addiction are very similar to the signs for any addiction. There can be emotional and physical symptoms.

Emotional signs that someone may be using the Internet compulsively include:

  • Depression
  • Feelings of guilt
  • Dishonesty
  • Anxiety
  • Feelings of elation when using the Internet
  • Isolation
  • Inability to keep to a schedule
  • Losing a sense of time
  • Defensiveness
  • Agitation
  • Mood swings
  • Avoidance of work
  • Fear
  • Boredom
  • Loneliness
  • Procrastination

Physical signs that someone may be using the Internet compulsively include:

  • Backache
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Poor nutrition (forgetting to eat or eating excessively)
  • Poor personal hygiene (e.g., not bathing)
  • Dry eyes and other vision problems
  • Neck pain
  • Weight gain or loss

Treatments for Internet Addiction at Thriveworks Knoxville, TN

There are in-patient facilities dedicated exclusively to treating teens and adults who use the Internet compulsively; however, not everyone needs in-patient care and not everyone can afford in-patient care. Thriveworks Knoxville offers treatment for Internet addiction. Our therapists have worked with many clients who were struggling with their Internet use. We offer holistic treatment. Each client receives a personalized treatment plan that may include Cognitive Behavior Therapy—a form of treatment that explores negative, untrue thought patterns that fuel the addiction and replace them with positive, true thought patterns. Clients may also need a form of group support and medication. Our therapists are dedicated to giving each client personalized care.

Are you ready to get started? When you contact our office, know that a scheduling specialist will answer your call and help you make an appointment. We offer evening and weekend sessions, and new clients often meet with their counselor within 24 hours of their call to schedule an appointment. However, we do not keep a waitlist. Our goal is to get our clients the help they need as they need it. We also work with many insurance companies and accept a variety of plans. Let’s work together to fight Internet addiction. Call today.

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Thriveworks Counseling Knoxville

Justin Hall was great

I saw Justin for assistance with OCD. He showed me how to look at things in a way that did not allow my OCD to take over. I will would highly recommend him.
Thriveworks Counseling Knoxville


I have been taking my 7 year old grandson to see Justin. He had horrible anxiety. It saddened us to see how bad it was. He had developed tics. Justin was absolutely wonderful with him. He has overcome most of his fears and tics have went away. I would highly recommend Justin.
Thriveworks Counseling Knoxville

Cannot Recommend Enough

Going to Thriveworks for the past year and a half has been the most rewarding counseling experience I’ve had. Seeing Lindsey has had the single biggest impact on my emotional and mental health, especially in healing from past childhood abuse and trauma, and ongoing PTSD. Out of multiple counselors in two states, Lindsey Chandler is by far the one with whom I’ve felt the most accepted, supported, and encouraged by. I am grateful for the Thriveworks space, as it is not at all clinical nor intimidating, but entirely warn and welcoming. It is nearly a scent-free environment, which is vital for the comfort of any highly sensitive persons. I choose to drive an hour from home each visit specifically to stay loyal to a place where I finally feel safe and valued—where in the past commuting five minutes from home to work with a therapist felt like a chore and an ordeal—and I will continue to do so as I work further toward a healthier me.
Thriveworks Counseling Knoxville

Dr Neal is amazing!!

Dr Neal has helped me more in the last 2 months than any other therapist in the last 5 years. Therapy has become a joy instead of a chore. :)
Thriveworks Counseling Knoxville

Justin Hall

Justin Hall is an excellent therapist. Very easy to talk to and genuinely concerned with the patient.
Thriveworks Counseling Knoxville

Amanda Gilliam

Amanda Gilliam has been such a blessing in helping my daughter deal with her anxiety issues. My daughter is much stronger and confident now thanks to Amanda's expertise,dedication, and just willing to talk about whatever my daughter wants to talk about! Great person to call if you in know someone dealing with anxiety!
Thriveworks Counseling Knoxville

Mrs. Amanda

My son saw “Mrs. Amanda” as he affectionately called her shortly after my marriage ended in a high conflict divorce. My son was 6 years old at the time, so it was difficult for him to process his feelings without knowing how to communicate with us. Amanda Gilliam was always there to listen and provide outlets for him to speak openly about his feelings in a way that could be understood. She is top knotch in my book and I would highly recommend her as a professional!
Thriveworks Counseling Knoxville

Justin Hall

I was in sessions with Justin for about a year and highly recommend him. He has a deep grasp of psychology that he is constantly refreshing and renewing, and he was able to help me a lot in understanding what was driving the emotions and feelings of myself and close family members. He was a great help.
Thriveworks Counseling Knoxville

Karen Trotter

Karen has been so AWESOME in assisting with my daughter’s healing process. It’s been a blessing having so many diverse avenues for myself & my daughter to communicate with Karen & her immediate responses 😘. I tried to rate Karen as 5 + but it wouldn’t let me 😁
Thriveworks Counseling Knoxville

Not the place for me

I have attended one session alone and a second session with my then girlfriend at her urging me to seek couples therapy, in this session I was basically felt like all the relationship issues were my fault and as I was pressured more and more about my issues I walked out of the session to collect my thoughts as I was being bombarded by both my girlfriend and my therapist. Apparently after I stepped out the therapist told my girlfriend that I was worse than an addict and she was sorry but didn’t feel I was worth attending counseling with, this resulted in the end of that relationship before We even left the office. I have other issues and have realized that I am suffering from depression due to other issues and this has added to my depression. At this point I have no intention of returning to see this counselor or any other counselor there as they have added to my problems leaving me feeling like I am not good enough. Honestly if this is how they make their clients feel then as far as I’m concerned this office shouldn’t even exist. I need to find out how I can be refunded at Least a portion of the money I’ve “wasted” on this experience and hope I can find someone else who is willing to help me work through my issues and not feel persecuted.
Thriveworks Counseling Knoxville

Makes Getting Better Easy

I can't thank Amanda Brooks enough. She's an amazing person and is an amazing place. After calling about 15 therapists and getting immediately turned away, returned my call within the hour and Amanda was hand-picked for me and my situation. I got an appointmentheduled that day. There's ALWAYS time for me andheduling/canceling is never a hassle. There's a therapist on call 24/7 and Amanda always makes time for me when I need it. The office is a lovely, calming place and I always feel comfortable and welcome. It makes getting better easy.
Thriveworks Counseling Knoxville

Amanda genuinely cares

Amanda helped/helps me is so so many ways. No matter what I come into the office with she helps me problem solve and always genuinely cares about what I have to say or about how I feel. I feel like I can come to her with anything and there will be no judgement. She always welcomes me with a smile and helps me dig deep in every session and I couldn't ask for a better support.
Thriveworks Counseling Knoxville

Perfect Therapist for My Child

Amanda Brooks has been a wonderful and supportive therapist for my child who was suffering from depression and anxiety. My child is very picky about who she trusts and Amanda has been the perfect therapist; she immediately put my child at ease and has been there for emotional support whenever we needed her help.
Thriveworks Counseling Knoxville

Definitely Recommend

I have been very pleased with my experience at Thriveworks. Amanda has helped my children and I learn to deal with some major life issues. She has provided us with a listening ear and helpfulsolutions. She has helped us all develop skills to deal with life's ups and downs in a productive, positive way. I highly recommend her!
Thriveworks Counseling Knoxville


Justin was very rude to us when he was the one who didn't listen and made aheduling error. He was inappropriate to me in front of my son. Wouldn't recommend.
Thriveworks Counseling Knoxville

Peace Keeper

Amanda Brooks has been such an excellent help to me throughout the past 2 1/2 years I've had her as my therapist. Ive been able to speak to her like I haven't even my closest friends. She's helped me to work through & over come many different obstacles, as well as past trauma in my lifetime & continues to help me find peace with my past, present & future. She's been my peace keeper through it all.
Thriveworks Counseling Knoxville

Life Changing

Justin Hall has changed my life and the way that I approach it. He has a way of helping one redirect behaviors and ideas in order to improve overall quality of life. I would recommend him to anyone who wants positive change in thinking.
Thriveworks Counseling Knoxville

Helped me out in a bad situation.

My work environment had become extremely difficult over the last 5 years. Justin helped me deal with a very dysfunctional system. Nothing has changes as far as circumstance, but my approach and thinking has changed. Things are much better. Very practical. Would recommend Justin to anyone looking for help.
Thriveworks Counseling Knoxville


My experience with Dr. Williams has been more than helpful. I initially came to her for couples counseling, but ended up seeing her one on one and finding my sanity again. My experience has been more than helpful. I highly recommend her.
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