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A Binge Eating Disorder can take on many different guises. The common theme revolves around an inability to stop eating, with no control over the consumption of food, even when entirely full. These issues are typically linked to feelings of shame, fear and even anger surrounding food consumption. If any of these problems ring a bell, you likely are a B.E.D. sufferer. One of the common misconceptions about B.E.D is how prevalent it is. Experts estimate that roughly 2%-5% of the American population suffers from B.E.D.

Lifelong B.E.D Has Serious Consequences.

B.E.D. is a serious condition and, if left untreated, a number of different physical and psychological consequences can develop. If B.E.D is left without treatment, these issues may become worse.

Psychologically, sufferers are likely to experience personal shame, social anxiety and even clinical depression. Physical symptoms are often more severe – B.E.D. can cause life threatening conditions such as Heart Disease, Diabetes and Stroke.

Counselling Services Do Help.

Thankfully clinically proven treatments do exist and here at Thriveworks Knoxville Counseling we provide counseling methods that help with B.E.D.

At Thriveworks Knoxville Counseling our experienced counselors will develop a counseling process tailor-made to help the individual client. We know how hard it is to reach out for help and we make a point of being as accessible as we can.

So please, do not hesitate, talk to us at Thriveworks Knoxville now. We always want to show you the way to a full recovery from your B.E.D.

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