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We’ve all experienced events that we thought would break us. Maybe it’s a relationship that ended badly, a mental illness that wouldn’t let up, or the current coronavirus pandemic. It’s not fun when you’re hurting.

“We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.” -Randy Pausch

Would you believe us if we said that not only is healing possible, but thriving is too?

It is! And now with online counseling with Thriveworks Knoxville, the tools to thrive can be found in your own home. If you want to schedule an online counseling appointment today, call (865) 730-4171.

What Is Online Counseling?

When you think of counseling, the picture that comes to mind is a counselor meeting face-to-face with a client. However, that is not the only option. With technology like phones and video, counselors and clients have the option of meeting virtually.

Online counseling– or teletherapy as it is sometimes called- is a way to receive licensed, professional help through the medium of phone or video calls. Online counseling is just as effective, affordable, and safe as in-person counseling.

Together with a counselor, you will decide which method of online counseling you would like to use phone counseling or video counseling. Both are simple, easy to use methods. If you opt for phone counseling, your counselor will call you for your scheduled appointment. For video counseling, your counselor will send you a link to follow shortly before your scheduled appointment. After that, it’s counseling as normal! All you need is a safe, comfortable spot to sit and Wi-Fi.

Does Online Counseling Work?

This is the other question we get a lot. Is it effective? Is it inferior to in-person counseling?

Thriveworks Knoxville is happy to report that the research has been done and the results are conclusive: online therapy is just as effective as in-person counseling. And, it has some added benefits.

Let’s imagine a situation:

It’s 3 pm and you just put the kids down for a nap. You tiptoe out and make a cup of coffee before snuggling into your favorite chair with your favorite blanket. Your counselor has sent you the video link ahead of time, so you just pop in your earbuds and hit the link. For one hour you give yourself room to heal and grow.


It’s noon and you have a one-hour lunch break before it’s back to work meetings until 7 tonight. You hurry out to your car with lunch in hand. As you slide into the front seat and open the leftovers, you answer the phone call from your counselor. You eat as you rehash how the new coping skills you’re learning are helping with your anxiety, but how you still aren’t sleeping well at night. By the time you have to rush back into work you’re feeling refreshed and excited about what the future holds.

These are situations that can absolutely happen in online therapy with Thriveworks Knoxville. Online counseling is flexible to your needs and lifestyle. The 5 things the two counseling session had in common were:

  1. Convenient: You can fit online counseling into your No more driving around town to get to a session or worrying about counseling office hours.
  2. Comfortable: Feeling safe and comfortable is vital to a successful counseling appointment. All of Thriveworks Knoxville’s offices and counselors create a welcoming atmosphere, but sometimes you’re just more comfortable at home.
  3. Safety: For one, you don’t have to worry about driving in dangerous weather or getting caught in traffic. Also, all of the phones and video apps Thriveworks Knoxville uses are 100% safe. You never have to worry about your confidentiality being leaked.
  4. Affordability: Most insurances now cover online therapy (both phone counseling and video counseling). If your insurance doesn’t cover online counseling, Thriveworks Knoxville, TN has an affordable self-pay option.
  5. Positive Benefits: The benefits of counseling can range from sleeping better at night to being more productive, to starting down a career path you’re excited about! Counseling is a tool we can help you use to shape the future you want, however that looks.

Online counseling with Thriveworks Knoxville makes it easy and accessible for everyone to receive professional counseling. The opportunity to thrive is just a phone call away.

Coronavirus Outbreak and Online Counseling

The coronavirus pandemic has hit us all in different ways. Maybe you’re worried about the health and safety of a loved one. Maybe you’re concerned about your financial future and the small businesses here in Knoxville. Or maybe the simple stress and loneliness of social distancing and shelter-in-place orders are weighing heavy on you. Whatever you are facing today, Thriveworks Knoxville wants you to know:

You are not alone. You are strong and together we will get through this.

Online counseling is a way to remain safe while addressing the mental and behavioral health concerns that might arise during this time. Thriveworks Knoxville has seen people virtually for reasons including:

  • Coronavirus anxiety. Yep, it’s a real thing. Psychologists have seen anxiety and other mental illnesses spike during this time. There’s nothing shameful about that! It’s important to talk to someone if you’re feeling overly anxious. Symptoms of coronavirus anxiety can include obsessively checking the news, stomach pains or headaches, and thoughts that loop back to worst-case scenarios.
  • This can be a big deal! No one deserves to feel lonely, and there are ways to feel better, even in the midst of social isolation.
  • Counseling for children and adolescents. Whether it’s boredom, anxiety, feeling lost, or despondency, your children are probably facing extra challenges during this pandemic. The stability and fun of school and extracurricular activities were taken away from them suddenly. Thriveworks Knoxville has counselors who love working with kids and can help your children self-regulate their emotions and keep their feet grounded during this chaotic time.

The coronavirus pandemic is no joke. Online counseling is our response to it. We will continue to meet the needs of our community and your mental health during this stressful time and beyond.

Online Counseling in Knoxville, TN—Knox County

Online counseling delivers professional, beneficial therapy to the privacy of your home or even the front seat of your car. It is convenient, comfortable, and safe. Thriveworks Knoxville is glad we are able to provide this service and look forward to your call! We can be reached at (865) 730-4171.

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