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“Remember when you were in seventh grade and you had to take that test to determine your career aptitude? No? Well, I do. I remember one of my options said ‘forestry,’ and while I thought that was vaguely cool, I never thought I’d actually want to do it. Well, I’m an adult now, obviously, and frankly, I’m just sort of content at my job, but I don’t feel very fulfilled. Honestly, I kind of wish I’d been a forestry major. I can see now that it suits my personality pretty well. Unfortunately, I’m enough of an adult that I’m also not sure how I can go about making the rather significant career shift that transitioning to forestry would involve.”

There are many people just like Lea, people who grow to adulthood and find themselves in a career that doesn’t quite fit. But there are also people who love their careers and could still benefit from counseling. These people might want to advance more quickly, or they need help engaging in office relationships in a more constructive way.

Your work does not need to define you, but it certainly fills a great deal of your time. We like to think that we are more than just the job that we do, and that is certainly true. However, most of the day is spent at work. If we are not challenged by our work, we can become bored, stagnated, and unfulfilled. If you are unhappy at work, this feeling can spill into many other areas of your life, such as your relationships and family life. At Thriveworks Knoxville, our therapists are professionally trained in providing career counseling to people at all points in their careers, from entry-level workers to upper management.

Knoxville Career Counseling

Career counseling is pretty straightforward. You’ll meet with one of our experienced career counselors to talk about your goals: a new career altogether, more success and fulfillment in your current job, help to negotiate more effectively, or perhaps you need to develop your skills in managing relationships with coworkers in a more productive way. Whatever your goals are for seeking career counseling in Knoxville, our counselors can help you achieve them.

Once your goals are determined, our counselors will help you develop a strategy for meeting them. This may involve a significant amount of self-assessment. For example, if your goal is to be the president of a company, but you do not enjoy interacting with others, you may need some help in learning to interact successfully with your peers, subordinates, and superiors. Though that self-assessment may result in the need for hard work to learn new skills, we are here to help along the way.

It’s possible during the assessment you’ll decide you’re passionate about leaving your field and pursuing something completely different. In that case, we’ll help you plan a course of action for getting into that new field.

Who Needs Career Counseling in Knoxville?

There are many situations where people find themselves that would benefit from career counseling. These include mothers reentering the workforce after raising children, recent college graduates, those who are recently laid off, and those just unhappy or frustrated at their current job.

We also frequently see people newly entering the workforce. They often have the skills and knowledge to be a good fit for many positions but don’t have much experience at marketing themselves. In these cases, we work with the client to determine what skills they have, who the best bets are for sending applications, and how to create a portfolio appropriate to their field.

What Can Knoxville Career Counselors Do for You?

Thriveworks Knoxville career counselors can conduct testing to find your personality type, evaluate your talents and marketable skills, discuss your schedule and lifestyle preferences, and then narrow down the career fields that would be best suited to these variables.

If the thought of initiating contact with potential employers is difficult, a career counselor can also perform mock interviews, help you initiate the application process, teach you negotiation skills, and help you with “people skills” crucial to navigating the application process.

Applying for jobs is exciting, but it can also be stressful. Take some of the anxiety out of the process by giving us a call. We can help you learn skills that will make you more comfortable and more successful.

Aside from simply applying to jobs, a series of Knoxville career counseling sessions can help you in other ways. Perhaps you already have a career path you’re happy with, but you would like to be more successful. A career counselor can help you determine what professional areas you excel at and what areas need some work. Negotiation skills, a clear action plan to advance, interpersonal skills, and more—your career counseling sessions will be tailored to suit your individual needs and help you create the employment situation you’ve always hoped for.

Often, it is the client’s underlying attitudes toward success that are holding the client back from being as successful as possible—and a career counselor can help with that. There is no reason your work shouldn’t be fulfilling. You deserve to feel that what you do each day matters. If you are experiencing any career dissatisfaction, give us a call at Thriveworks Knoxville today.

Career Counseling in Knoxville, TN

The world of work is full of possibilities. While this can be exciting, it can also be overwhelming. You may know that your current job is not your dream job but feel unsure that you could ever be happy at work. Let Thriveworks Knoxville career counselors help you create a reality where this happiness is possible. We have appointments available within 24 hours for new clients.

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