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Anxiety…. panic attacks, melt downs, stubbornness, refusal to go to school, stomach aches, tears……

Has your son or daughter struggled with Anxiety? Each child will have their own unique symptoms and only you, knowing them best, can truly know how they are affected by anxiety. How do we support our children with anxiety? Do we push them through it, having them face their fears directly on? Do we snuggle them, tell them that it’ll be alright, and let them choose what’s best? Parenting is so difficult. Our children definitely did not come with manuals!

Small Group for Anxiety:

We believe small groups provide an inclusive and safe environment to allow children to learn and grow, and to develop resiliency. Resiliency is key, as it will increase your child’s tolerance with fearful situations. In addition, coping skills are learned to handle those fearful moments, each second at a time.

Benefits of a small group:

  • Strong sense of belonging
  • Connection with same aged peers
  • Sharing of positive ideas
  • Growth in self-worth and self confidence
  • Strengthen relationship skills
  • Sharpen communication skills
  • Find passions and interests

How does it work?

At Thriveworks Colorado Springs, we have several small groups. Our group for Anxiety will meet a total of 8 sessions. There will be a 6 children or adolescents in each group, with 2 providers. The cost is $400 for the 8 sessions. There is a group for children ages 10-14 years of age, as well as a group for adolescents ages 15-18 years old.

We will meet at our convenient location at 5410 Powers Point Center (near Powers and Research). Feel free to drop your child off and do errands, or relax with coffee or tea in our comfortable waiting room.

Call 719-266-3919 to make an appointment. Spaces are limited.

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