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Raleigh, NC Depression and Anxiety Counseling – Depressed Mood, Stress

Depression and anxiety are brother and sister. More often than not, if you are feeling depression—there is at least a moderate amount of anxiety that accompanies your depression symptoms. Similarly, if you’re dealing with some type of anxiety—be it general anxiety, social anxiety, or something else—while you might not be experiencing a full-blown major depressive disorder, it’s highly likely you’re going to experience some depression symptoms.

Depression and anxiety and common, but that doesn’t make them any less painful—and being common doesn’t make them any less intrusive to your daily functioning. People who’ve never been depressed don’t know how difficult it can be to pull your sock up in the morning (spoiler, it’s really hard, and takes forever just to get dressed). People who’ve never experienced an anxiety disorder can’t understand how the thought of something like simply leaving your home and going for dinner might as well be climbing mount Everest, it feels so impossible.

The counselors, coaches, and mental health providers at Thriveworks know what it’s like to feel these symptoms. More importantly, they know that not only are the symptoms treatable, depression and anxiety related disorders are two of the most treatable mental health disorders. Our therapist are leaders in the field and we’re not shy to list the many places Thriveworks and it’s team members have been featured for their knowledge and expertise.

That said, most importantly, our Raleigh, NC staff is caring, and their available to help you. Give us a call! Let’s get started.

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