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Anne falls asleep easily, but she has difficulty staying asleep. Most nights, Sean does not sleep until early in the morning, sometimes not at all. Gabby appears to sleep all night, but she wakes in the morning more tired than the previous night. People who live with insomnia know how hard losing hours of precious sleep is. Sleep helps our bodies and minds heal and recover from our busy days. But just like Anne, Sean, and Gabby, insomnia can steal sleep from people who want and need it.

Many people have tried solutions they found online or home remedies for insomnia: drinking a particular tea or diffusing a particular scent. In the short-term, these may help some, but then insomnia inevitably returns.

Many people who experienced sleep disturbances have found long-term help through cognitive behavior therapy. Insomnia counselors can teach their clients practical strategies for healthy sleep hygiene, and they may also explore and treat any unique causes for insomnia in their clients’ lives.

The counselors at Raleigh, NC have experience helping people overcome insomnia. Seeking professional help for sleep disturbances has helped many people overcome insomnia’s challenges and regain a full night’s rest.

What Causes Insomnia?

Many people experience insomnia at some point in their lives and for an array of reasons. From person to person, insomnia’s root cause varies, and within an individual’s life, occurrences of sleep disruption can change from situation to situation.

Sometimes, insomnia occurs because of a more serious health problem. Hyperthyroidism, chronic pain, depression, menopause, and anxiety disorders are a few mental and physical health problems that may bring about sleep disruptions.

Lifestyle choices may also cause insomnia. Sleep disturbances may result from or be exacerbated by diet and excise habits. Increased stress during big life transitions or challenges can also result in a bout of insomnia.

Sleep disturbances may also ensure without noticeable cause, warning, or congruent health problem.

Insomnia’s Side Effects

Disrupted sleep at night can make daily life more difficult. Insomnia has many side effects, including …

  1. Loss of memory.
  2. Short attention span.
  3. Automobile accidents.
  4. Irritability.
  5. Weight gain.
  6. Decreased sex drive.
  7. Lethargy.

Anyone suffering with these troublesome side effects may consider reaching out for professional help. Raleigh, NC’s insomnia counselors have helped many people establish restful sleeping habits and overcome insomnia’s side effects.

Raleigh, NC’s Insomnia Counselors

Nurturing healthier sleep habits each night generally requires adjusting everyday thoughts and habits. Raleigh, NC’s insomnia counselors apply cognitive behavioral therapy in their insomnia treatment. This holistic approach allows our counselors to guide their clients toward effective adjustments to their everyday routines that can optimize sleeping conditions.

What can happen at insomnia counseling? Raleigh, NC’s insomnia counselors treat each client for their specific sleep needs.

In our experience, we have found that negative thought patterns and/or anxiety disorders often cause the sleep disturbance or make it worse. Therefore, our counselors focus on replacing negative thought patterns with rational, positive thought patterns or treating the underlying anxiety disorder.

  • Negative thought patterns can make sleeping more difficult. If, after a few hard nights, people begin to label themselves as bad sleepers or tell themselves, I will never receive the sleep I need, these thoughts can make the insomnia worse. Our professionals often help their clients overcome these negative thought patterns and replace them with rational thinking.
  • Anxiety disorders often cause insomnia, but insomnia can also trigger an anxiety disorder. Unfortunately, they are closely linked. If sleep disruptions are tied to anxiety, then the anxiety order needs to be treated alongside the insomnia

Whatever has caused the insomnia, everybody wants something similar: a full night of sleep and rest.

Our counselors, therefore, also tailor a sleep plan for their clients. A sleep plan makes adjustments to people’s daily routines that may result in better nighttime sleep. Sleep plans promote activities that are conducive to a good night’s sleep and minimize activities that may reduce sleep.

Sleep plans are unique to each client but may include:

  • Waking up at a consistent time
  • Going to bed at a consistent time
  • Limiting alcohol and caffeine consumption
  • Learning meditation techniques for relaxation
  • Maintaining a bedroom that is favorable for sleep.

Is It Time to Seek Help?

Complex disorders like insomnia do not have easy fixes or magic bullets. But our professionals are available and willing to help. Many clients who have participated in our insomnia counseling have learned the skills they need to maintain better sleeping habits.

If insomnia is stealing your sleep, know that help is waiting. Raleigh, NC has appointments available for insomnia counseling, and we take many insurance plans.

We do not have a waitlist because our counselors want to see their clients get the help they when they need it. Instead of waitlists, we have flexible appointments that can be scheduled even on weekends or after hours. Call our office to set a time to begin your insomnia counseling.

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