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Some people experience passive anger and may not even realize they are angry. With this type of anger, emotions may be displayed as sarcasm, apathy or meanness. They may participate in self-defeating behaviors, such as skipping school or work, alienating friends and family or performing poorly in professional or social situations. To an outsider, it looks like the person is intentionally sabotaging themselves, but the individual may not even realize it or be able to explain their actions.

Anger and stress are a normal part of life, but passive anger can lead to health problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety and depression. In the case of children, it can prevent healthy physical and emotional development. Anger and stress can destroy happiness.

For a decade, Thriveworks in Raleigh, NC has worked with thousands of people with anger issues to learn about personal anger cues/triggers, develop skills and strategies to express feelings in healthy ways, practice problem-solving and help them recognize the triggers that cause the anger. Thriveworks’ experienced therapists work with them to help to determine the best anger management treatment plan so they can enjoy healthier lives– both mentally and physically.

How Do People Deal With Anger?

There are three ways of dealing with anger, including expressing, suppressing and calming.

1. To express feelings of anger, you need to shift from aggressive to assertive behavior. It begins with learning to make clear what your needs are and how to obtain them without hurting others in the process. Being assertive does not mean being demanding or pushy; rather, it is being respectful of yourself and others.

2. When you suppress anger, you hold it in, stop thinking about it and focus on something positive. The mission is to suppress the anger and convert it into constructive behavior—rather than destructive behavior. Once the anger subsides, the issue that caused it can be expressed clearly, thoughtfully and respectfully. When the issue can be brought up again and discussed—not by yelling—a conversation can take place. It is not healthy or productive to keep all the anger inside and just brush it away. Instead, wait a while until you are in control of your emotions and then proceed to calmly address the issue.

3. In calming, the feelings of anger are building, but you focus on calming yourself down inside. You control outward behavior and inward responses. In order to do this, you can breathe slowly to lower your heart rate, focus on something peaceful (art, nature) or count to 10—or 20 or 30 if you need more time.

Tips to Control Anger

There are many ways to help curb your anger. The following techniques may work for you the next time you feel overwhelming anger.

  • Breathe deeply.
  • Slowly repeat a word or phrase, such as “relax” or “be calm.” Take deep breaths in between the phrases.
  • Visualize a relaxing experience.
  • Try yoga exercises that work to relax your mind and calm you down.
  • Try to switch the angry thoughts with rational ones. Instead of thinking, “This is so terrible,” turn it into a more positive statement, such as “It’s frustrating and I’m upset, but it’s not the end of the world. Getting angry is not going to help with this problem anyway.”
  • Remind yourself that the world is not out to get you, and this is just a rough spot in your life.
  • Talk to somebody you trust, and let them know how you are feeling.

Don’t wait any longer to begin anger management control at Thriveworks in Raleigh, NC. Therapists will work with you to recognize the causes of your anger, teach you how to respond to its triggers in positive ways and provide the most effective anger management treatment plan. Call Thriveworks in Raleigh, NC at (919) 424-6045 today to get started on the path to leading a healthier life.

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