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We don’t live in a perfect world but if we did, an idyllic family life would be the wish of most. After all, we spend a lot of time indoors with the kinfolk, so the better everyone gets along, the more family harmony there can be in the home. Sadly, we don’t live in a flawless world. Despite the efforts of most families to function as one, things don’t always go according to plan. Common disagreements and petty arguments are all quite natural, especially among children. But for a lot of families, upset and disruptions can sometimes get way out of control.

When conditions indoors become intolerable on a regular basis, the best way forward might be to seek outside help. Our Knoxville family counseling and family therapy services are here to assist you.

Family Challenges

Third party intervention can work after the family has tried and failed to resolve issues by themselves. Not finding common ground when emotions are high in family situations often leads down an unhealthy one-way street.

Qualified Knoxville family therapists can help to turn things around. Some of the areas where counselors come to the rescue include:

  • ADD and other potentially disruptive behavioral disorders
  • Addictions (alcohol and drugs)
  • Aggressive or abusive behaviors
  • Anxiety related issues
  • Depression and Despair
  • Disruptive adolescence
  • Separation of parents (financial, emotional custody, etc.)
  • Various eating disorders

For a lot of families, counseling is a shameful word, but in reality it’s nothing of the sort. Those who seek counseling are strong, not weak. The sole purpose of therapy is to help, not hurt or interfere in your family’s affairs. Family therapy assists families, helping them to overcome their difficulties.

Some of the services provided by family therapists include:

  • healing rifts and building new bonds and bridges
  • engage all members and encourage people to share and understand
  • explore ways forward that work for all
  • diagnose and treat mental and emotional disorders

Our family therapists could potentially be the solution to your family problems. Our therapists offer new opportunities to explore and ways forward to consider. Call us today and see how we might be of assistance to you and yours.


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