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Thank you for checking out Thriveworks Counseling in Charlotte, North Carolina. We’re here to help you.

This is your space. From the moment you walk into our office, our goal is to put you at ease, to help you relax and detach from the dozens of worries you have outside of our office. Come in, grab a cup of coffee (or a bottle of water) and enjoy our comfortable seating area. Pick up a magazine if you like. Charge your phone.

But don’t get too settled — you won’t be waiting long.

Mission Statement

We exist to offer a positive, empowering and life-enriching experience for our clients. We
provide excellent service that helps our clients dramatically improve their happiness,
relationships and life success. We serve all segments of our community and endeavor to provide
culturally and linguistically appropriate services that support the needs of people of all
backgrounds, always doing our best to find new and innovative ways to treat patients with any
presenting issue or disability. We ensure that no client is left behind by building sustained
referral relationships within the community to augment treatment with services we do not
provide directly.

Thriveworks Counseling
447 South Sharon Amity Rd. Suite 250
Charlotte, NC 28211

Tel : (980) 581-3061

Mon-Fri: 8AM-9PM
Sat-Sun: 8AM-5PM

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