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Think about the week ahead of you. What is on your calendar? If you are like most people, your week has a long to-do list: work, errands, chores, exercise, and more. There may be a few fun items interspersed, if there is time. Now, think for a moment if that were reversed? What if what you loved and prioritized was reflected in your calendar? Many people are learning that the little changes they make today are setting them up for big progress in the future—they are learning the power of goal setting.

“The thing about goals is that living without them is a lot more fun,
in the short run. It seems to me, though, that
the people who get things done, who lead,
who grow and who make an impact… those people have goals.”
—Seth Godin

Most people have a vague idea about their future—what they want to achieve, but setting goals that lead them to that dream is often easier said than done. Significant studies recount the link between high achievement and goal setting, and yet, many people struggle. The process of setting a goal is almost always effective, but effective does not mean easy. Seth Godin gets to the heart of the issue: any worthy cause often means short-term sacrifice. The long-term benefits of setting a goal are almost always significant, but they are not without costs. There is no way to bypass the cost, but there are ways to have support and help. Many people are looking toward counselors and coaches for needed guidance as they set goals and overcome challenges.

Many people have walked through the doors of Thriveworks Charlotte looking to achieve a long-term goal, and our professionals have walked with them every step of the way. The professionals at Thriveworks understand that achievement requires clarification of people’s talents, values, and resources, and we know what it takes to regain control of the calendar.

Having a Goal Helps. But How?

The fundamental action people take when they set a goal is naming something that they value and that is worth of their time and attention. When people know what they want and align their actions accordingly, often their lives change. Goals often allow people to say, This is good, but it is not good for me. When people set a goal, they may be…

  1. Blocking out all the varied distractions compete for their time and attention—things that lead them away from what they value.
  2. Honing their focus upon what truly matters to them and what they truly value.
  3. Aligning their values, actions, and attention.
  4. Giving themselves the motivation to take difficult but important action steps.
  5. Building up their self-control.
  6. Reinforcing their motivation so that they can sustain setbacks, hardships, and difficulties.

Aiming for Different Targets

When most people think of setting a goal, they most likely think of forcing themselves to take action they should do but do not want to do. People often make goals of eating less sugar, eating more fiber, cleaning their house, paying off a debt, and so on. While any goal takes effort, not every goal needs to be drudgery. Goal setting can and should be fun and emphasize the positive that people can achieve.

People who set goals that align with what they value often find the process exciting and fulfilling. One big step is setting goals in a variety of areas within their lives. People can and do make goals about their vacation, their guitar playing, their monetary giving, and more. Goals that are enjoyable and exciting may be about people’s…

  • Attitude: Who do people want to become? More patient? More caring? More self-aware?
  • Finances: How do people want to use their money? To buy a beach house? To experience freedom from debt? To giving toward a worthy cause?
  • Education: How can people keep growing? Would they like a mentor? What books do they want to read? What experiences would enrich their understanding?
  • Artistic Endeavors: What do people create and how can take for creativity be built into their schedules? Is there an artist or a project people could sponsor or attend?
  • Family: What types of relationships do people want to build and sustain within their home? Within their extended family?
  • Career: How can people express their identity, talents, and values at work? What jobs excite them?
  • Fun: When do people feel relaxed and restored? What are they doing when they laugh and smile the most? How can these times be increased?
  • Physical Strength: What adjustments would make people’s physical health stronger? What level of health would they like to enjoy?

Goal Setting Help at Thriveworks Charlotte, NC

The best goals are often very unique and personal—they come from people’s own values, talents, and resources. This is often how a counselor or coach can assist in the goal setting process: helping people grow in their self-awareness. If you are ready to meet with a mental health professional to set goals for your future, know that Thriveworks Charlotte has goal setting help appointments available.

When you reach out to our office, know that a person will answer your call. New clients often have their first appointment within 24 hours of their first call. We also accept various forms of insurance, offer evening and weekend appointments, and do not keep a waitlist. Our hope is that every client receives the help they need when they need it.

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