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Your relationships define who you are in many ways.  Whether or not you have been married for 50 years, you are going through your 6th divorce, or you’ve been on/off single for years, a lot of who you identify as is wrapped up in the people you are closest to.  Research has shown this to be true with friends, with colleagues, and most potently with your significant others.  When our connections to our love ones suffer, we are more likely to become anxious, depressed, struggle at work, suffer from more addictions, increased physical health problems, and can even have a crisis of identity.  Therapy can help with all of this by assisting you in understanding who you are as a relational person and walking you along the path you and your partner want to go on.

What Is Couples Counseling?

The most common type of relational therapy is couples counseling.  Just like individuals, couples need therapeutic help when times are hard or in times of transition.  But unlike individual therapy, couples therapy focuses on how all those specific issues show up and are often kept alive by the patterns people develop.  So maybe you struggle with enabling your partner who drinks too much.  Maybe you start fights and you’re not even sure why.  Maybe your way of parenting doesn’t match up with the way your partner wants to do things.  Maybe every time you try to communicate something vulnerable, you get shut down.  Whatever the dynamic is for you, this is the specialty of a relational therapist, and we can help.

Do We Need Counseling?

Couples seem to benefit from counseling at certain stages of their lives.  The first one is often called “pre-marital” because it is prior to the wedding.  I know many of you out there aren’t getting married and maybe don’t want to ever get married, but this style of therapy is often more structured and “big picture” perspective on the relationship and can still help you as well.  Consider it a snapshot check-in to find out about compatibility issues that can either bolster strengths or support areas of growth.  The next phase that is pretty common is the first or second major transition.  This is often 3-7 years into the relationship and is when a move or a child is brought into the family.  Again, you don’t have to be married to benefit from therapy at this stage.  There may be other transition points along the way you will want to come see a counselor to make sure you two are on the right path, but the last common stage is empty nesting.  If you are one of the fortunate ones to be committed to each other this long, BRAVO!  But it comes with its own challenges, and relational therapy can be really helpful here as well.

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Regardless of when or why you need to come see a therapist about your relationship, we will support you needs.  We will be culturally sensitive to the fact that not all couples and relationships need to look the same.  We will support the healing and growth of your relationship. Call Thriveworks Charlotte to schedule an appointment today.


Thriveworks Counseling Charlotte

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Thriveworks Counseling Charlotte

Highly recommend

I have had the pleasure of working with Clair Crow professionally and can attest to what an incredible therapist she is! She has a calm demeanor and creates safety with her clients. She balances that safety and care with clear boundaries. I highly recommend her and have often referred clients to her for her expertise.
Thriveworks Counseling Charlotte

Great Counselor

I've worked with Mrs. Matson for close to a year now and I can say with certainty that she's a great counselor to go to for help with emotional regulation and understanding, grief management, and processing trauma in healthy and beneficial ways. Her use of meditation techniques to get to the root of my emotions and habits have helped me understand so much about myself and why I operate the way I do. I'd definitely recommend her to anyone just starting out looking for a good counselor, or anyone looking for a friendly empathetic professional who listens well and draws from a wealth of information to provide really quality services.
Thriveworks Counseling Charlotte

Good therapist

I have seen Dr. Daniel Stillwell for a year for individual and couples counseling and I trust him immensely. He is a skilled, authentic, and highly competent professional. I’ve also referred him to others and they described the same. Thriveworks staff have been very helpful with insurance and appointments.
Thriveworks Counseling Charlotte

Caring and personal

Adriana Blanco is wonderful. I never felt any judgement from her during our sessions. She is compassionate, firm and extremely knowledgeable. I could not see myself opening up as much with another counselor, thank you for putting her in my path.
Thriveworks Counseling Charlotte


Excellent service. Blair Hamel was so wonderful. She truly cares.
Thriveworks Counseling Charlotte

Great place for healing

This is a very safe place. The therapists and staff are knowledgeable and patient. I have had a really positive experience and I am learning and growing.
Thriveworks Counseling Charlotte

Genuine and Comfortable

Charlotte has a team of Therapists that are skilled and compassionate. Matt and Kim have taken great care to ensure that client care is a priority. The environment is warm and welcoming. This is a group of Counselors who can really relate to the everyday challenges we all experiences.
Thriveworks Counseling Charlotte

Great people…great office

I am a big fan of Thriveworks! I have known Matt and Kim for some time now and I feel like I have known them forever. They are approachable, helpful, and just great people. Their office is comfortable and inviting. is a place where anyone can find a little peace. Give them a try :)
Thriveworks Counseling Charlotte


Owners have great experience and are caring individuals.
Thriveworks Counseling Charlotte

Not servicing patients

A place/facility that isn’t accepting any new patients. You rave about how you are here to help and treat people but really you aren’t at all. How is some one supposed to get help if you aren’t willing to help them. Very disappointed with Thriveworks and their lack of assisting.
Thriveworks Counseling Charlotte

For my son

The service was fine. We came in for an evaluation for my son Bryant. Mrs. Hamel was professional and seemed to be able to talk with Bryant although his lips sometimes get in the way of being understood by others.
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