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On Friday Night Lights, Coach Eric Taylor called his team around him. In the huddle, he looked his high school football players in the eye and said, “Opportunity does not knock. It presents itself when you beat down the door.” Taylor was famous for his inspirational and motivational speeches. Of course, his game day chant has become iconic, “Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t lose.” Coach brought a spark and motivated his players to reach achievements that no one ever thought possible. He guided, inspired, challenged, and encouraged. Many fans watched his performance week after week and probably envied his teams, wishing they had a Coach Taylor in their own lives. Who would not want someone in their lives who believed in them, helped them set challenging goals, and guided them to achievement? Many people want a coach in their lives, and they are working with a life coach to help them achieve more than they ever thought possible in both other personal and professional lives.

Life coaches and high school football coaches may not be so different. In both settings, coaches need to know their team’s and clients’ weaknesses and strengths. Coaches help their teams and clients formulate a game plan: a way to fortify those weaknesses and capitalize on those strengths. Coaches can read a context and guide their teams or clients on the next steps. Whether they are football coaches or life coaches, success is often supported by a good coach.

“To excel at the highest level—or any level, really—you need to believe in yourself, and hands down, one of the biggest contributors to my self-confidence has been private coaching.” —Stephen Curry

As an NBA all-star, Steph Curry works for some of the best coaches in basketball, but he also acknowledges the need for coaching in other areas of his life. Many people agree, and they are working with a life coach. Thriveworks Counseling in Chapel Hill offers life coaching, and our professionals have helped many people find the encouragement, guidance, inspiration, and support they need.

Life Coaching and Goal Setting

A big part of life coaching is learning how to set challenging but reasonable goals. A vast amount of research outlines how goals can help people achieve. Many people who achieve great feats use goals the propel themselves forward. The difficulty is that setting and achieving important goals is easier said than done.

The end result of goal-setting and life coaching may be a dramatic achievement, but the daily reality is often mundane. Long-term success often requires short-term sacrifice. Seth Godin puts in this way, “Set a goal, and in small, consistent steps, work to reach it. Get support from your peers when you start flagging. Repeat. You will change.” How can goals change people? When people set goals and they have the support of a life coach to achieve those goals, a few key things may happen…

  1. Goals can strengthen people’s self-control. Distractions are constantly vying for people’s attention, but when they have named a goal, they can more easily say, “no” to those diversions.
  2. In contrast, goals can spark difficult but important action steps. Avoiding distractions is only one side of the coin. Goals often give people the courage to say, “yes” to change.
  3. Goals can align people’s internal values with their external actions. When people live wholeheartedly, they are often happier and more effective.
  4. Goals may also motivate people to overcome obstacles. Everything worth achieving will have challenges, and during a setback, it is important to have a clear vision of the finish line to serve as a reminder—the sacrifice is worth it.

Life Coaching for Every Aspect of Life

One of the benefits of working with a life coach is that clients can explore any area of their lives where they need mentoring, guiding, and support. Goals are often associated with professional advancement, but they can truly be made for any aspect of life. For example, people often set goals for their…

  • Attitude: Do you want more patience? Are you hoping to cultivate kindness? Is there enough joy in your life? Setting goals for attitude means focusing upon who you are—not what you do.
  • Career: What skills do you have? How could they provide for your needs and contribute to the world? What do you want to do when you wake up each morning?
  • Finances: What kind of a relationship do you want to establish with your money? Do you want to live debt-free? Do you want to donate it to a good cause?
  • Adventure: What excites and refreshes you? What makes you feel alive and restores you? How can adventure be a part of your life?
  • Relationships: Which relationships energize you? Which feel draining? What type of relationships do you want to cultivate? With whom? How?

Life Coaching at Thriveworks Counseling in Chapel Hill, NC—Scheduling an Appointment

Do you want to meet with a life coach? Are you ready to have someone inspire, guide, mentor, and encourage you? Let’s work together. Thriveworks in Chapel Hill has appointments available for life coaching. When you call our office to schedule an appointment, you may be meeting with your life coach the following day. Weekend and evening appointments are offered. Because our life coaches are also licensed counselors, we may be able to accept your insurance to help with the payment.

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