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Dom refuses to get ready for school in the morning—he isn’t interested in getting dressed or eating his cereal, he isn’t interested in getting out of bed at all. Dom begs his mom, “Please just let me stay home.” When she asks why he doesn’t want to go to school he just sighs. He knows that she won’t believe he feels sick again—he’s used that excuse three times already this month. So, he reluctantly climbs out of bed and gets ready for the day.  

Dom is a victim of bullying. Three kids in his class pick on him at lunch and recess every day, without fail. He feels sad, anxious, stressed, and defeated all at the same time… all of the time. Dom doesn’t know how to process these emotions and doesn’t feel like he has anyone to talk to.

“We worry about what a child will be tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.” –Stacia Tauscher

Bullying is just one example of the many challenges kids might encounter. Fortunately, child therapy can help kids and teens to better address these challenges, as child therapists specialize in understanding and working with these young individuals. If your child is reluctant to go to school, they might be a victim of bullying or struggling with another problem, like a fight with a friend, signs of a learning disability, and so on. Additionally, your child might be struggling with problems outside of school, too. In any case, child therapy at Thriveworks Counseling in Chapel Hill is here and ready to help. To schedule your appointment, just give our office a call at (919) 636-5287.

What Is Child Therapy and How Can It Help?

Child therapy is a form of counseling that is designed specifically to meet the needs of kids and teens. Its aim is to help these young individuals identify, understand, and manage challenges in their life, from bullying (like in our example above) to socialization problems, learning disabilities, issues with friends and in relationships, traumatic events, and more.

There is no age limit for children that can receive and benefit from child therapy. All are welcome, from toddlers in preschool and kindergarten to kids in middle school and teens in high school! While the child’s age will certainly help the therapist to determine the best approach to treatment, the goal is always the same: to help them work through the problem(s) at hand and live a happier, healthier life—now and for years to come.

Who Should Work with a Child Therapist?

Think about how challenging our emotions can be—now imagine how difficult it can be for a child or teen who doesn’t have the tools or the experience to properly deal with difficult emotions as well as other mental health challenges. Here is a list of common mental health challenges addressed in child therapy:

  • Mental health diagnoses and treatment
  • Bullying
  • Trauma
  • Addiction in one’s family
  • Big changes, such as a move to a new area
  • Divorcing parents
  • Abuse (sexual, physical, mental, and emotional)

If you know your child is struggling as a result of any of the above, child therapy at Thriveworks in Chapel Hill can help and support them through this difficult time. Now, if the challenge at hand isn’t as clear, you might look out for signs that they are struggling or suffering. These signs include: a change in appetite, difficulty sleeping, failing or dropping grades, social isolation, and anxiety. If you witness these signs in your kid or teen, have a conversation with them about your concerns and consider setting them up with a child therapist.

Schedule a Child Therapy Session at Thriveworks Counseling in Chapel Hill, NC

Child therapy can benefit many children and teens, including those who are struggling with an overt challenge as well as those who are suffering due to a problem that has yet to be discovered. In any case, the child therapists and teen counselors at our office are happy to step in, assess your child’s current situation, and help them work through it. Additionally, our child therapists will equip your child with life-changing tools that will come in handy for future mental health challenges and other life issues.

To schedule a child therapy session, simply call our office at (919) 636-5287. We’re here to help. We have both in-person and online counseling sessions available, as well as flexible appointment times, including in the evenings and on the weekends.

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