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Some people are fortunate enough to enjoy happy relationships with their family members; others aren’t as fortunate. The latter group might have a troubled past with their family. For example, they might have experienced a traumatic event like their parents’ divorcing; they might have grown up during a financial struggle; or they might have simply disagreed with their family’s beliefs. Now, back to those who enjoy happy relationships with their family members: These individuals also encounter conflicts and challenges with their parents, children, siblings, you name it.

If you have a difficult history with your family but you’re interested in improving these relationships, family therapy can prove valuable. Or, if you have overall positive relationships with your family members, but you’re in a tough spot, family therapy can prove valuable here too. In sum, family therapists help people to navigate the challenges they are experiencing with their family members and improve their relationships with one another.

Thriveworks Counseling in Chapel Hill, NC has family therapists on staff who are here and ready to get started. If you are interested in scheduling a family counseling session, simply give our office a call at (919) 636-5287. A member of our scheduling team will walk you through our scheduling options, from the normal daytime appointments to evening and weekend sessions. Schedule a time that is convenient for you and your family members.

What Is Family Therapy?

Family therapy, also called family counseling, helps families to work through conflicts and repair relationships. It is led by a psychologist, licensed therapists, clinical social worker, or another mental health professional with relevant skills, training, and experience. The specific course of treatment in family therapy varies on a family to family basis. Why? Because the counselor considers each family’s specific needs, goals, and other unique factors when designing treatment.

For example: Oftentimes, family counseling is short-term, averaging at 10-12 sessions. However, a family might spend more time in counseling if they have deep-rooted issues or if it takes longer to make the progress they’re looking for. That said, generally speaking, family therapy helps families to improve means of communication, deepen connections with one another, and reach a healthier place in their relationships.

How Can Family Therapy Help My Family?

Again, if you choose to work with a family therapist at our office, their main goal will be to help you and your family resolve conflict and improve your relationships. More specifically, family therapy can help your family work through a range of problems, including but not limited to:

  • Marital problems, such as infidelity or the decision to divorce
  • Financial concerns or issues
  • Mental illness, like depression or substance abuse
  • Differing values or opinions (religious, political, or otherwise)
  • Parenting styles, concerns, and conflicts

Depending on what brings your family to family therapy, other therapies might be incorporated as well. For example, if a family member is experiencing symptoms of a mental illness, which is proving to throw the rest of the family off balance, the individual might also attend individual therapy in addition to the family therapy sessions.

How Does Family Therapy Work? Is It Effective?

Family therapy has proven to help many families resolve conflicts and restore harmony in their relationships. If your family is in disarray, the family therapists at Thriveworks Counseling in Chapel Hill would be more than happy to help you restores your balance, too. As we mentioned earlier, your counselor will get to know your specific needs to then design a personalized treatment plan to best help your family. That being said, from a general standpoint, your family therapist will…

  1. Work to mediate any difficult or uncomfortable conversations
  2. Teach your family how to communicate more effectively
  3. Encourage your family to open up to one another
  4. Support each individual in discussing their concerns, problems, etc.

Your family counselor will do everything they can to guide and support your family as you work through your problems and restore your relationships.

Work with a Thriveworks Family Therapist in Chapel Hill Today

Are you looking for family counseling services? Thriveworks Counseling in Chapel Hill has family therapists and counselors who can provide you with these services as soon as today. To schedule your first family therapy session, call (919) 636-5287. Our therapists and counselors are eager to help you and your family get to a healthier place.

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