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Jen and Matthew wake up a mix of nerves and excitement. Their wedding is just one day away, and they’re about to attend their last premarital counseling session. The two are clearly committed to each other, and much in love, but they know that relationships take work. And so they signed up to work with a premarital counselor. Over the past few weeks, they’ve discussed many different topics with their counselor, including issues they’ve experienced in the past, issues that have come up recently, as well as issues that might come up in the future. They want to be prepared to work through whatever it takes to keep their marriage strong and intact.

“Design a portfolio you are not likely to trade… akin to premarital counseling advice, try to build a portfolio that you can live with for a long, long time.” –Robert D. Arnott

Premarital counseling is a type of therapy that helps couples prepare for marriage. It often involves developing essential communication skills, identifying areas of conflict, and learning how to work through these areas of conflict well. If you and your partner are engaged or you’re talking about the possibility of marriage, you could benefit from working with a premarital counselor.

Have you and your partner considered Palm Beach therapy to help prepare your relationship for the next level? Here at Thriveworks Boca Raton in Palm Beach, FL, our premarital counselors are skilled, caring professionals. They specialize in helping newly engaged couples, as well as those who are still talking about getting married one day. Even if you and your partner don’t have any obvious issues in your relationship, you can benefit, as part of your premarital counselor’s job is to prepare you for the issues you might run into in the future. So, if you want to bolster your relationship, reach out to Thriveworks Boca Raton in Palm Beach, FL. You can schedule an appointment today by calling (561) 285-3503.

Should We Work with a Premarital Counselor?

As we’ve already briefly touched on, premarital counseling can help a wide range of individuals: It can help people who are “non-committal” or fearful of marriage understand where their commitment issues stem from; it can help a couple to work through issues they haven’t been able to get through together, like jealousy or trust issues; and it can help to equip couples with the tools needed to maintain a happy, healthy marriage for many years to come.

Research has shown that premarital counseling can help to curb nerves about marriage and even reduce divorce rates. Remember: You don’t have to have a present problem to benefit from premarital counseling. That said, here are some common topics discussed in premarital counseling:

  • Sexual intimacy
  • Children and parenting
  • Plans for the future
  • Communication techniques
  • Role expectations
  • Budget and financing
  • Religion and politics

If you are recently engaged or you want to talk to a professional about the dynamics of marriage before you make this commitment, give Thriveworks Boca Raton in Palm Beach, FL a call today. We’ll gladly set you up with one of our premarital counselors.

Work with a Premarital Counselor at Thriveworks Boca Raton in Palm Beach, FL

The main mission of premarital counseling is to help you and your partner build your relationship further and ready it for the commitment of marriage. Even if you and your partner are happy right now, the reality is that you will face trials and tribulations. And preparing for those now can ensure that you are able to work through those challenges together, coming out an overall stronger couple afterward.

Do you see the benefits that you and your partner could find in premarital counseling? Are you in the Palm Beach, FL area looking for Palm Beach therapy? Reach out to Thriveworks Boca Raton in Palm Beach, FL to schedule an appointment when you’re ready. We have extended hours available, which include early morning, daytime, evening, and even weekend appointments! This way, you and your partner can find a day and time to come in that works for both of you. Additionally, we accept most major insurance plans—another part of our mission to provide you with premium mental health services.

We’re ready to start working with you to bolster your relationship and prepare it for the life-long commitment of marriage. Give Thriveworks Boca Raton a call at (561) 285-3503.

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