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Marriage Counseling in Boca Raton, FL—Palm Beach Counselors

Marriage, or the union of two people, is by nature, supposed to last a lifetime. In some instances, though, it does not last a life time and ends in divorce instead. Why is this? Often because of the many marital issues that can torment and destroy a relationship. For example: infidelity, lack of intimacy, and disagreements in parenting. These few examples make up a much larger, exhaustive list—as every single marriage differs. But one thing remains: the presence of conflict.

Every relationship experiences conflict at one point or another, even those between individuals bound by marriage. The good news is that every couple is capable of working through these conflicts and coming out stronger on the other side. The key is to stay committed to each other and remember that you’re on the same team. Need a little help staying on the right path? Consider working with a marriage counselor or psychologist.

“Great marriages are built brick by brick, day after day, over a lifetime.” –Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Have you and your spouse considered looking into Palm Beach therapy to help your marriage? Marriage counseling is designed to help couples work through the problems in their marriage. The therapists who specialize in this type of therapy help couples to improve lines of communication and remember the commitment of a lifetime they made to each other. Here at Thriveworks Boca Raton in Palm Beach, FL, we have marriage counselors who want to help you make meaningful changes in your marriage. If you think that you and your spouse could benefit from their guidance and support, reach out today. Contact Thriveworks Boca Raton at (561) 285-3503. We look forward to your call.

Does Marriage Counseling Really Work? How?

Every marriage is different, which means every experience in marriage therapy is different! There are various therapy techniques used to help couples improve their marriage. Let’s understand how marriage therapy works, by first understanding the main objectives of marriage therapy:

  1. Identifying the problems in your relationship: Your Thriveworks Boca Raton marriage counselor or psychologist will help you and your partner to identify the problems in your marriage. Common problems include jealousy, and financial disagreements.
  2. Determining therapy goals: You, your spouse, and your therapist will then work together to brainstorm main objectives for therapy.
  3. Staying solution-focused: Your marriage therapist will prioritize building the best treatment plan for you and your spouse, one that will optimize your relationship.

The marriage counselors and psychologists at Thriveworks Boca Raton in Palm Beach can help your relationship get through a multitude of marital issues. Additionally, they can help you prepare for issues that may arise later. Here are several common issues explain further:

  • Jealousy: Jealousy is a common problem in many relationships, including marriages. Fortunately, a marriage counselor or psychologist can help couples get to the root of jealousy issues and abolish them.
  • Lack of communication: Communication issues is perhaps the most common reason couples decide to work with a marriage counselor. A marriage counselor can help you to improve means of communication and in turn your overall relationship.
  • Parenting: Most couples run into disagreements when it comes to parenting styles and decisions. A marriage counselor can help parents to have these important conversations and make these important decisions.
  • Finances: It is also common for two people to disagree on a budget or another financial matter. A marriage counselor can help couples to manage the stress associated with these conversations and make the best financial decisions for their relationship.

We’d like to restate that the list of marital issues is exhaustive. Just remember that no matter what you and your partner are going through, the marriage counselors at Thriveworks Boca Raton in Palm Beach, FL will put their skills, training, and experience to work to help you.

Work with a Marriage Counselor or Psychologist at Thriveworks Boca Raton in Palm Beach, FL

Do you have a hunch that your marriage could benefit from working with a marriage counselor? Are you looking into Palm Beach therapy for relationship help? If so, consider scheduling an appointment at Thriveworks Boca Raton in Palm Beach, FL. Whenever you are ready, give us a call at (561) 285-3503. We accept most major insurance plans and we also offer flexible appointments, including evenings and weekends, amongst other benefits.

We hope to hear from you soon and look forward to meeting you. Call us today to schedule your marriage therapy appointment.

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My husband and I sought counseling due to several significant issues in our marriage. We were distraught and on the verge of divorce. Jeannie's approach to marriage counseling led us through a process that changed my perspective on my husband's actual needs and his to my needs. We didn't hear what the other was truly saying! I would highly recommend Jeannie to work with any couple from minor issues to major issues in their marriage.
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Jeannie was my counselor for over a year. When I met her my life was a mess. I can genuinely say that I am healthy, I graduated college, I focus on the positive that life has to offer. Jeannie is an amazing therapist!
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