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Counseling for Adolescents and Teens—Teen Counselors in Allentown, PA

Adolescence can be one of the most difficult times in a person’s life.  It is a time when someone is expected to mature, grow, become their own person, and develop into a young adult.  It is a time for change, development, and many transitions.   Are you going through a time of hormonal changes?  Does your teenager experience random mood swings?  Do you or your teenager feel overwhelmed?

Parenting a teen can be very challenging, and at times you may feel like a failure.   Are you and your teen arguing constantly?  Is your teen yelling at you on a daily basis? Do you feel as though your relationship is growing distant? Are you observing unexplained behavior changes?  Is your teen telling you they hate you?   These things are normal in some teenagers and you certainly are not alone in this transition period.  This is an adventure between you and your teen.  It is normal to feel stuck and to be unsure of the answers.  Every teenager is different.

Let us partner with you through this journey and help you and your teen get back on track with one another.  We know how precious your child is to you! Call Thriveworks Allentown, where a counselor trained in working with adolescents can help you understand the crazy rollercoaster ride.

Can You Help My Adolescent?

The following list is just a sampling of the kinds of issues that we can help you and your teenager with:

  • Anxiety/Depression
  • ADHD
  • Anger Management
  • Difficulty in Social Situations including bullying
  • School Concerns
  • Behavior Problems
  • Grief and Loss
  • Divorce
  • Family Relationships

How Does Counseling Work with Adolescents?

At Thriveworks Allentown a counselor will sit down with you and/or your adolescent and actively listen to the concerns. They will then help you and your adolescent identify and understand the problem and give strategies and techniques to overcome issues. Sometimes the best course of treatment is working with the adolescent alone, with parents, or entire family. Your counselor will help you decide the best course of action for your adolescent and situation.

Can Thriveworks Allentown Help?

Parenting is never easy task, but we can help take some of the burden off of your lap. Let us help you and your teenager. It’s one of the most difficult life transitions to go through. Let’s face the challenges together. You and your teenage do not have to do it alone. We all hit rough patches but we can work together to smooth the surface. We promise we will be there to help and support you and you’re adolescent. At Thriveworks-Allentown, we will connect you with a caring, trained, and licensed adolescent and/or family counselor to help you. We get it. Teenagers are busy with school, sports, and social lives. We are available at convenient times for you and your family that fit into your busy schedules. Give us a call.

Let’s talk! Together, let’s help your adolescent “thrive!”

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