Co-Parenting Therapy–Counselors and Therapists in Allentown, PA

Co-Parenting Therapy–Counselors and Therapists in Allentown, PA

Are you a parent who is divorced, going through a divorce, or separated who is having trouble parenting your child or children separately yet together? Do you struggle to communicate with your parenting partner? Do you struggle to parent consistently between households? Learning how to be an effective co-parent is one of the best things you can do for your child or children.  At Thriveworks- Allentown we offer Co-parenting therapy to help you overcome these struggles and allow you to become a great example for how you can be a parenting team.

Co-parenting Therapy: What Is It?

Co-parenting occurs when parents who are no longer together as a couple work together as a team for the benefit of their child or children.  Divorce and parental separation can be traumatic and is life-changing for all parties involved.  Co-parenting therapy can help smooth the transition for you and the children.  It allows you to process and understand not only the separation and experience. Co-parenting therapy can help make the difficult time less difficult by helping both parents and increasing coping skills to work together cooperatively and communicate more effectively in order to parent their children in a respectful and business-like fashion.  To be effective coparents both parents need to make a commitment to their parental obligations and responsibilities to their children.

How Does Co-parenting Therapy Work?

At Thriveworks-Allentown a co-parenting counselor or therapist will sit down with both parents and work with you to make a plan to parent by leaving out the emotions.  We will help you learn to communicate effectively and develop a business-like relationship for the benefit of your children.  The children’s best interest will be the main focus as you work toward building effective co-parenting skills

What Can Thriveworks Allentown Do to Help?

At Thriveworks-Allentown we have trained and experienced co-parenting counselors and therapists that can help you and your family through this process.  You only get one chance with your children, do it right and co-parent in a healthy and effective way.  Your children are worth it.  We can help you heal throughout the journey.

Thrive together as parents separately!

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