Addiction Counseling – Counselors and Therapists in Allentown, PA

Addiction Counseling – Counselors and Therapists in Allentown, PA

Addictions can happen to anyone. Addictions can include many things such as alcohol, drugs, medications, tobacco, caffeine, gambling, sex, food, exercise, shopping, or even the internet and as a result can lead to real problems. Addiction often destroys families and relationships. It has the potential to ruin or significantly hinder your future and your life.

What Is an Addiction?

No one starts out thinking they will be addicted to something. Many things can become addictive, although not all addictions are considered a mental health disorder. Addiction most often starts out innocently and then develops into a bad habit that is reinforced, which ultimately becomes destructive. Dependency is the key word when it comes to addiction. When you feel that you have lost control or no longer have control over the urges, then this is the sign that it may have an addiction. Addictions have a way of consuming you until you have lost a part of your freedom as the disease steals and controls a part of your brain, almost as if like a bad virus in a computer. Addictions produce intense activation of the reward system in your brain pathways and produces pleasure, often referred to as the “high.” Addictions lead to changes in your thinking, behavior, and in your body physiologically. It literally changes your brain circuits.

Do I Have an Addiction, How Can I tell?

You may find yourself using substances or engaging in addictive behaviors more frequently, using larger amounts, and despite wanting to quit; you find yourself unsuccessful in being able to do so on your own. You may spend more time and energy in activities trying to get the substances or engaging in the behavior. You may spend more time recovering from its effects. You may also experience withdrawal symptoms from certain substances which leads you to use more just to avoid the withdrawal symptoms. You may start to lie to conceal your addiction from others or steal to finance your addiction. You may also start to feel distressed, anxious, depressed, and more irritable. You may feel like you are losing control. Occasionally, you may even feel that you still have control, but others may notice and feel that you don’t. You may also feel embarrassed, angry, or even deny the presence of a problem.

How Can Thriveworks Allentown Help?

At Thriveworks Allentown, our counselors and coaches are only a phone call away. We can help you determine if you have an addiction and make appropriate recommendations for you to get you the help that you need. We understand how serious addictions can be and we will try our best to get you seen within 24 hours. Call now. Do not struggle alone any longer. We acknowledge and understand that it may be difficult to take the first step and call. Our caring and compassionate counselors and coaches can help you get your life back and to help get you through the journey to health. Let’s get you back on the right track and on the road to restoration and be free of addiction!

“Don’t wither, survive and thrive!”

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