Psychological Testing Services

Charlotte, NC

Psychological Testing Services in Charlotte, NC

Thriveworks Counseling and Coaching offers a  psychological testing and assessment service that is designed not only to assist in the counseling and psycho-therapeutic process, but to also help the client better understand their motivations, behaviors, thoughts, skills, intellectual capacity, values, levels of anxiety or depression, coping mechanisms, and personality.

In contrast to the popular magazine questionnaires, the available psychological tests at Thriveworks Charlotte are based on necessary professional standards. The word “quality” and “results” are appropriate descriptors for the Thriveworks Charlotte Testing and Assessment Platform.

List of Test Categories and Potential Applications

  • Clinical-Personality and Neurological Functions
  • Biopsychosocial and Behavioral Medicine Issues including Chronic Pain Management
  • Pre-Surgical Psychological Assessments suitable for bariatric, spinal cord stimulation, and other surgeries
  • Executive and Organizational Development and Coaching
  • Cognitive Functioning and Intelligence Testing
  • Career Interests, Skills, and Coaching
  • Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations
  • Differential Diagnosis Assessments
  • Learning and Academic Functioning Assessments
  • School Admissions Testing
  • Adoption evaluations
  • Gifted placement evaluations
  • Personality assessments
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