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What does this day look like for you? If you are like most, your to-do list is filled with many things that have to be done—things like chores, work, errands, exercise. There might be a little time for fun—meeting a friend, seeing a movie, going out for dinner. All too often, calendars become dominated by tasks that are “have to” instead of tasks that are “want to.” This ratio may feel set, but people have a lot of control over how they choose to spend their time. When they think through what they would like for their future, little changes now can make a big impact over time. Setting goals is one of the best ways for people to reclaim their calendars.

“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.” —Andrew Carnegie

When people hear the words “goal setting” they may have a visceral reaction and think of having to force themselves to do all those things they should but do not want to do. Andrew Carnegie gives a different take, however. Goals are often the key to happiness. A well-set goal can infuse focus, energy, and inspiration into daily life. Goals can help people prioritize what matters most to them.

Research has shown the power people have to achieve significant tasks when they set goals. Nonetheless, just because a process is effective, does not make it easy. Success most often comes with strategic action and sacrifice in the short-term—there is no magic potion or silver bullet that can change this reality. However, support and help can offset some of the challenge. Many people are working with a life coach or a counselor to reach their goals.

The professionals at Thriveworks Westminster have helped many clients who want to reclaim their calendars, who want to spend their time doing what they want to do, not what they have to do.

Benefits of Setting Goals

A lot of people spend time dreaming about what they would like to achieve in the next day, month, year, and beyond. These dreams are important and good, and goals are often the means by which these dreams become a reality. Dream usually ask, “Where can I go?” Goals ask, “How can I get there?”

Setting a goal may help people by

  1. Increasing their self-discipline.
  2. Directing their focus toward what they value and prioritize.
  3. Spurring on significant but difficult actions.
  4. Aligning behavior and focus.
  5. Keeping momentum steady, despite setbacks and challenges.

Aiming at Various Targets

When people are capitalizing on the power of goals, they are usually aiming at a variety of targets. Certain goals will be a difficult challenge. Other goals will be for fun and relaxation. The key is keeping them varied. Examples of the categories people might set goals for include…

  • Artistic growth: How might art enrich your life? What artistic endeavors to you want to pursue? Is there an artist you can support?
  • Career: What type of work do you want to dedicate your time toward? Is there a problem you want to solve or a career path you want to establish?
  • Fun: How can you make room on the calendar for fun? When do you feel happy and satisfied?
  • Attitude: What character traits to you want to exhibit? Do you want to be more patient? More self-assured? More kind?
  • Finances: How do you want to spend your money? What is your earning potential? Is there a cause you want to finance?
  • Education: How can you seek out a mentor? Is there a concept you want to explore? What books would you like to read?
  • Physical strength: What ways can you grow stronger? How might a health change improve your life?
  • Family: What kind of relationships do you want with your family? What kind of home-life do you want to establish?

What’s the Secret of Goal Setting?

People’s own values, talents, and skills should drive their goals. Healthy goals edge people’s comfort zones farther and farther out—allowing them to explore just how much they can achieve. This is one reason counselors or coaches are particularly helpful to people who are setting goals—they can assist their clients to grow in self-awareness.

Each goal will be unique, but the form it takes should not be. Framing the goal in a particular form is on the secrets to achievement. For example, goals should be…

  • Shared: If friends and family will be allies in your achievement, tell them about your goal. Ask for their help and encouragement.
  • Written: Document each goal. This way, goals can be revisited and less easily forgotten.
  • Specific: Details are a goal’s best friend. For example, “attending two exercise classes this week” is a specific, measurable goal.
  • Time-bound: Give each goal a deadline. This will provide motivation, but it will also allow people to feel accomplished when they meet the deadline.

Goal Setting Help with Thriveworks Westminster, CO

Is it time to take back control of your calendar? Would you like to be doing more of what you want and less of what you have to? If you are ready to set and achieve your goals, the counselors and coaches at Thriveworks Westminster are ready to help.

We have appointments available for goal setting help, and when you call to schedule a session, you may be meeting with your coach the following day. We also accept most forms of insurance as well as offer evening and weekend appointments.

Contact Thriveworks Westminster today.

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