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Liliana has the job she always wanted—teaching college. Despite her high level of education and the many things about her job she does enjoy, she’s finding there are many aspects of higher education she didn’t bargain for. Though she isn’t sure exactly what her alternative career might look like, she’s certain she can’t continue teaching for the next thirty or forty years.

Scott does not have a college education, but he is technically skilled in an important part of the oil and gas industry. Due to recent changes in the price of oil, he was recently laid off from his lucrative position. He doesn’t know what else he might do, but he knows he has to figure something out.

Liliana and Scott would both benefit from a career counselor who can help them determine what their strengths, weaknesses, skills, and personality traits are in order to select a fulfilling new career. It just takes one call to start—Thriveworks Westminster career counselors are waiting to help and can see you as soon as tomorrow.

Career Counseling – Therapists, Coaches, and Counselors in Westminster

The world of work is much larger, with many more choices, than we could have ever imagined when we were young. While in grade school, children are often administered a test, the results of which are supposed to tell them what careers they have aptitude and interest in. Unfortunately, there are a couple of problems with that test. First, they are often administered while the children are still children, as opposed to when they are young adults considering college. By the time they are old enough to begin making serious choices about the direction of their lives, they’ve either disregarded or completely forgotten the results of their aptitude test.

Another common career struggle for young people involves how to choose a major that will help them land a job in an industry or profession they’ll be happy, fulfilled, and successful in. Picking a college major isn’t as simple as selecting something you enjoy and are relatively good at—it also requires thinking years ahead to the lifestyle you want for yourself and your family and realizing that just because you enjoy something doesn’t mean you want to do it day in and day out. In fact, except in special circumstances, many professional career counselors will urge you to select a career that is not part of your primary hobby, as hobbies are important to have as a retreat away from our day jobs, no matter how much we might enjoy those jobs.

People are so fond of asking children what they want to be when they grow up, but they often have trouble realistically answering for themselves. We dream of being a teacher, an astronaut, a doctor, a farmer, but then we discover that those professions are nothing like we thought they would be on a daily basis. Or we may find that we do not have the skills or talents required for our chosen profession. It can be very overwhelming to look at all of the choices available and have no idea where you fit in.

Many adults find themselves realizing mid-career that their job isn’t fulfilling. And fulfillment doesn’t just come from financial reward, though that is part of it. Fulfillment means when you go to work each day you’re excited about how your job utilizes your unique strengths and makes a difference for the end-user of your product, idea, or service.

Many people accept that going to an unfulfilling job every day is “just part of being an adult,” but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, years of moderate unhappiness can have a negative impact on your mental health, including depression and anxiety. If you’re not satisfied with your current career path, it’s not too late to make a change. Thriveworks Westminster career counselors have worked with plenty of adults in your shoes, and they are ready to work with you too. In fact, making a change a few years into your career might be on of the best decisions you’ll ever make, because now, with the help of a career counselor, you will be able to pinpoint exactly what it is you do and don’t want to do with your life.


Maybe you have recently been laid off or fired. You now have the forced opportunity to take a look at your life and determine if you are on the right track. This can be just the jolt you needed to change your career and create the life you always imagined.

Perhaps you find yourself in a dead-end job where your income has stagnated, and you feel bored and unfulfilled. Career counseling can help you develop the skills and mindset necessary for career advancement into a higher-level position, or you may choose to create a strategic plan to acquire new skills in order to go a new direction completely. Career counseling can help you transition smoothly into a new career over a period of a few months, instead of impulsively and without a plan. While there is a time and a place for impulse, it’s usually not when making career decisions!

If you’ve been wondering if or how to go about making a career shift, call one of our career counselors at Thriveworks Westminster Counseling. We can help you make the best decision for yourself and your future.

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Thriveworks Westminster career counselors can help you evaluate your skillset and interests and make a plan to successfully transition to a new career. We don’t maintain a waiting list, and we have appointments available for new clients. We are ready to help when we are needed. Call Thriveworks Westminster today to get started on the journey of creating a fulfilling, successful career.

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