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If your relationship is in a tough spot, there is still hope that you can make it better. If your relationship is already in pretty good shape, we can help you make it great.”

Whether you’re dating, engaged, married or in a life-long romantic partnership, you’ll experience periods that aren’t exactly defined by warm feelings. You’ll have times when you feel inexplicably distant from one another, and others when you want distance from your significant other.

It’s inevitable really. You are two different people with varying personalities and perspectives who are trying to share the one life each of you have, so you won’t always feel like you’re on the same page. Even when everything seems great in your relationship, there are still opportunities for the both of you to take an active roll in building your connection and deepening intimacy.

As a couple, the two of you have a limited perspective on what works and what doesn’t work, in terms of relationship building and conflict resolution go. At Thriveworks Westminster Couples Counseling, however, we worked with individuals and couples of all kinds — gay, straight, dating, married for 50 years — and, therefore, have a broad knowledge base that we can draw from when seeking therapy methods to fit your unique needs.

Who is Couples Counseling For?

The way things are between you and your significant other — good or bad — are not the way they will be forever. Your lives and the world around you are changing with each moment, and so one of the “secrets” to healthy relationships is being open with each other about those changes, and how they affect each of you individually and in relation to one another.

Thriveworks Westminster Couples Counseling, then, exists to help all couples navigate those conversations and transitions in a way that is rooted in mutual benefit and 100 percent transparency.

A few of the hard-hitting questions that bring couples into our sessions include:

  • Why do I not feel fulfilled in my relationship?
  • We’ve both changed so much — are we still “right” for one another?
  • We used to get along so well. Why do we do nothing but fight, lately?
  • How do get excited about “us” again?
  • Is it possible overcome past wrongs?
  • Does our parenting approach need work?
  • How do we reclaim (if not surpass) the closeness we once experienced?
  • When is it time to end the relationship?

You might be asking yourself any number of the questions from above. For many people, the questioning alone is itself enough to cause pain, but don’t lose heart. Your asking these question is a good sign. It says that you recognize that things can be better. It says you want things to be better. It says you want to be part of the process of making things better.

In our couples counseling sessions together, we’ll unpack these questions in an objective environment that is more interested in articulating truths and solutions than on who is at fault (you both are, but it’s OK — you’re human).

A misconception out there is that couples counseling (or mental health therapy of any kind) is meant for only “other people” who have “serious problems.” It’s easy for us to minimize our own experiences and eschew help, simply because we believe that if we enter into counseling, that we are acknowledging that the relationship is dangerously out of our control. If we don’t get help, maybe our problems are small enough that we can handle them ourselves.

How well has that kind of thinking played out? More than likely, this proverbial sweeping of your issues under a rug means that you may put a particular issue out of your line of sight for a while, but it resurfaces again and again, and you’re no progress has been made.

Our caring, qualified couples counselors won’t stand for that. We’re here to help you make progress, not to keep going about business as usual when the paths to mutual respect and deepening intimacy are available. Perhaps you’re not moving forward because you don’t know how to move forward. Let us show you the way. It’s more possible than you think.

Thriveworks Westminster Couples Counseling: You Can Thrive. We Can Help.

If your relationship is in a tough spot, there is still hope that you can make it better. If your relationship is already in pretty good shape, we can help you make it great.

Helping a relationship flourish may look different from couple to couple, but a Thriveworks Westminster counselor can help you learn how to:

  • Identify and understand the source of your relationship problems
  • Listen, communicate, and respect each other’s feelings and points of view
  • Gonestly express yourself in an open, trusting, growth-focused environment
  • Develop new, beneficial methods of communication while breaking away from harmful patterns
  • Address the psychological issues or addictions that are harming your relationship

As part of a growing, nationwide community of mental health providers, Thriveworks aims to only deliver the most effective counseling services possible. For that reason, we only hire the best industry-leading professionals we can find. Many of our counselors have been featured in major publications for their work, publications such as CNN, The Journal of Mental Health, The Boston Globe and Counseling Today, among others.

We believe so much in the counseling process for its ability to help individuals, couples and families that we want to make sure that you’re able to get to work on your unique challenges as soon as possible. This is why that when you call, you won’t reach a voicemail. This is why the person who answers the phone will help you determine if you can use your insurance plan. This is why we will schedule your first session for this week (if not tomorrow), instead of for weeks away.

Don’t settle for the same-old, same-old. Accept that life is changing, that you and your significant other are changing and that your relationship needs to grow and change for it to further develop.

If you want to see how great your relationship can be, contact Thriveworks Westminster Counseling and Coaching today at 303-214-2106 or by clicking the button below. We look forward to meeting you!
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