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If you were to think about what you wanted to accomplish in counseling, what would you envision? Is it finding greater fulfillment and success at work? Is it improving communication skills with your partner? Is it learning to better manage symptoms of depression, anxiety, or another mental illness?

Whatever it may be, online counseling or teletherapy can help you achieve your goals and improve your overall mental health—all from the comfort, convenience, and safety of home. If this sounds like an opportunity you’re interested in exploring, call Thriveworks in Westminster, CO online counseling at (303) 214-2106. Our online therapists are licensed, caring providers who will create an individualized treatment plan to best address your specific needs and goals.

What Is Online Counseling?

In considering online counseling, two main questions might come to mind: How does it work? And is it effective? First, online therapy can be conducted via phone call or video chat. In phone counseling, your counselor will simply call you at the time of your scheduled session. In video counseling, your counselor will send you a link to the video chat room, which you will visit at the time of your appointment. It’s that simple.

Now, to the second question: Is it effective? Research shows that online counseling proves effective, for many people. In fact, for some, it proves even more effective than in-person counseling, such as those who feel uncomfortable talking face to face. Online counseling can prove less stressful because you’re in an environment that you feel safer, more comfortable in. This then allows you to open up and progress more quickly with your therapist.

Is Online Counseling Right for Me?

As we touched on earlier, online counseling can prove especially valuable to certain individuals, such as those below:

  1. Tom lives in a rural area, at least 20 minutes to the nearest counseling office. He was willing to give it a try anyway, but they don’t have a counselor who specializes in trauma.
  2. Katie’s schedule is packed thanks to her new job. She doesn’t have time to see a counselor during the day and by the time she’s off work, the local counseling offices are closed.
  3. Alice is looking for a female counselor who specializes in LGBTQIA+ issues. The only counseling office in town doesn’t have a counselor who matches these preferences, and she doesn’t want to drive an hour each way to work with someone who does.

All three of these individuals can benefit greatly from online counseling. With phone counseling or video counseling, you don’t have to drive long distances or take time off of work. You can reach a professional counselor with the specialties you’re looking for from the comfort and security of home.

Why Online Counseling at Thriveworks Westminster, CO?

Online counseling is a simple, effective counseling option and at Thriveworks in Westminster, CO our counselors, therapists, and psychologists are here to walk with you on your mental health journey via phone counseling or video counseling. Here are a few benefits that many clients express finding in online counseling:

  • It’s convenient, as you can often squeeze in a counseling session with ease. All you need do is carve out 60 minutes of your day to work with your counselor over the phone or in a videoconference.
  • It’s comfortable, as you get to choose a spot that you feel safe and comfortable with to talk to your therapist. We understand if you feel more comfortable at home and we will continue to offer you the professional, nonjudgmental guidance you’re looking for virtually.
  • It’s affordable, as many insurances now cover video counseling and phone counseling, too. Additionally, Westminster has affordable self-pay options as well.

There are additional benefits that can come from online counseling. To see for yourself, schedule your first online counseling session today. Thriveworks Westminster is ready to get started when you are.

Work with an Online Counselor at Thriveworks in Westminster, CO

Online therapy enables people to work with a counselor and enjoy the many benefits of doing so. If you’re looking to make a change in your life, consider working with one of our online counselors at Thriveworks in Westminster, CO today. You can go online to our website, or give us a call at (303) 214-2106.

All of our counselors and therapists are skilled, licensed professionals who have your best interest in mind. They are excited to work with you.

Thriveworks Counseling Westminster

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Thriveworks Counseling Westminster

This saved my life

Chris at Thrive Works saved my life. I started at the beginning of the pandemic, by phone, and I didn’t think therapy by phone would have the impact that it did. But I tried for my kids, my marriage, and myself. I can’t say enough good things about Chris. Thank you for everything, and for literally saving my life. I wouldn’t be alive without his counsel.
Thriveworks Counseling Westminster

Great Service

Can't say enough positive things about Thriveworks Counseling and specifically my therapist, Chris. Deeply grateful for this space to work through challenging life situations that I recently went through.
Thriveworks Counseling Westminster

The Best

I am so pleased to find such a skilled an knowledgeable counselor. I have worked in the field for over 25 years and struggle to find such qualified and effective counselor as Jacob. I highly recommend this man for his sage wisdom and warmth.....
Thriveworks Counseling Westminster

Jakob Rosenthal is amazing

Jakob Rosenthal is the best therapist I've ever encountered! He gets to the bottom line quickly and kindly, and helps me to understand as well as helps me to have healthy coping mechanisms. I am a better person for having seen him.
Thriveworks Counseling Westminster


Initially I saw Jacob for my intake appointment and felt he was really great. I was placed with Kate Kelly and overall she is fabulous. She has helped me live to my full potential. She has helped me sort out my PTSD with childhood and adult trauma, as well as being a great resource for addiction counseling. She was also extremely helpful to point me in the right direction on how to deal with (or escape from) toxic family members. She was also a really great help to me during grief and loss of a loved one. I feel so much better than I did before going to Thriveworks. I'm in a great place now and will be back in the future. I can't thank you enough.
Thriveworks Counseling Westminster


I found them to be very helpful from the first call, visit and therapy. It’s a very warm and inviting office with a great staff.
Thriveworks Counseling Westminster

Outstanding Therapist

Jacob has helped me much more than any therapist I've ever seen. His skill, insight, and kindness are truly outstanding. Jacob has helped me change my life so that my depression is no longer in charge. His approach is very direct - which may not be for everyone but was perfect for me - but he always acts and speaks with sincere compassion. Thank you, Jacob, you have helped heal me at a level I thought was impossible. Also, Jennifer has always been super wonderful and responsive withheduling and questions. She goes above and beyond to be helpful and kind. Thanks Jennifer! You're awesome.
Thriveworks Counseling Westminster


Chris Saxon is a respected colleague who genuinely cares about his clients. He combines his education, vast experience, and authentic caring nature to create a safe environment where peolplecan learn, heal, and grow. I've even recommended Chris to my own family member!
Thriveworks Counseling Westminster

Fantastic Agency

With almost 20 years experience this is the most progressive counseling office I have ever had the pleasure to know. The Therapists are experienced and it is obvious that the management places the client experience above everything else.heduling is easy and can be done via email or text. I encourage anyone considering counseling to give Westminster a try. If you have a busy lifestyle this is the place for you.
Thriveworks Counseling Westminster

Peace and Comfort

The more I go to Counseling, the more I recognize the peace and comfort available there. The waiting area (I have always been seen punctually) has warm, comfortable decor and a great offering of beverages. The choice of beverages is just one expression of the warmth and hospitality they offer. I actually look forward to going there! The office is conveniently located and easy to find. I've always enjoyed front row parking, thanks to the abundance of designated visitor's parking. The office is on the first floor just off the lobby. Several counselors have greeted me warmly, even when they know I'm not there to see them. I highly recommend Thriveworks. It's obvious that they are in the counseling profession for the right reasons.
Thriveworks Counseling Westminster

Good Place with kind people

This counseling office is a breath of fresh air. Jacob has brought life back into my marriage. We had some deep issues, but I never felt judged and everyone is very kind. For the first time in a long time I feel like my relationship with my husband is on the right track. Thank You Thriveworks.
Thriveworks Counseling Westminster


This is Eddie Rodriquez, I am a co-parent to a 16 week old baby girl. Mom is concerned that 50/50 custody is not good for the baby and we would like to get a professional opinion. Is this something you would be able to help with?
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