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Relationships Aren’t Meant to Make You Miserable

No one enters a relationship with the goal of being miserable. Instead, people seek out relationships to add happiness and togetherness to their lives. A relationship is supposed to make our lives better. But even the perfect beginning and the best of intentions doesn’t always lead to a perfect outcome in a relationship. Sometimes the challenges you face in your romantic life can get in the way.

You may notice that, as the relationship goes on, your satisfaction decreases. The struggles you face trying to reinforce your relationship, to support your partner and stay positive yourself aren’t enough. Many times, when things get hard, people think they’re stuck.

However, if you find yourself in an unhappy relationship, you have more choices than continuing with the status quo or abandoning the relationship and starting over. Our counselors can help you discover ways that you can transform your relationship, things you and your partner can do to address the issues in the relationship that take away from your happiness.

Why We Do What We Do

Our couples counselors and therapists in Wellesley want to work with you to improve your relationship. We want to help you rediscover that joy you found when you first met your partner. We know that there are two individuals in the relationship, and that both of you have ideas about how things should be, about the way the relationship should work. Sometimes, these unspoken expectations are aligned. Many times, though, they aren’t.

Sometimes we need help to see the real reasons we’re not happy in our relationship. We know you may not always be able identify the problem yourself, no matter how hard you’ve looked. When you and your partner aren’t on the same page, it can make it difficult to truly resolve the tensions you feel. Initially you may have been able to put aside these differences, but they can resurface if not resolved. Reviewing your relationship, and the expectations you have for yourself and your partner, together with a professional, is the best way to begin.

How Marriage Therapists Can Help

Our counselors and therapist can help you find strategies for your relationship, and help you discover the solutions to the conflicts you may be facing. We want to help you learn effective ways to manage the stresses of everyday life that may be dragging down your relationship.

When we work with you, we don’t make the decisions for you about your relationship. Instead, we provide you with insight into yourself, your partner and your relationship to help you discover the friction points that may be keeping you from being satisfied. We know that many times, it may take a professional to help you see the causes of the stress you’re experiencing and how to address them. As we discover these issues, we help you and your partner discuss them in a comfortable environment that allows you both to feel safe.

Start Investing in Your Relationship

Relationships are meant to last a lifetime, but to achieve this takes effort. If you and your partner are willing to work together and strengthen your relationship, our counselors are ready to help. Consider giving us a call to see how we can help you improve your relationship today.

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