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Coach Taylor gather his football team together, “Listen to me. I said you need to strive to better than everyone else. I didn’t say you needed to be better than everyone else. But you gotta try. That’s what character is. It’s in the trying.” One of TV’s most inspirational and iconic coaches, Eric Taylor inspired his team and his fan base on Friday Night Lights. Each week, on the field and in life, Coach Taylor spurred his team to achieve more than anyone ever thought they could. After one particularly hard-fought game, he looked his players in the eyes and said, “I am in awe in each and every one of you gentlemen.” One of the many reasons for the success of Friday Night Lights may have been that we all, on some level, wish we had a Coach Taylor in our lives.

What would it look like to have someone inspire, push, encourage, and support you? Coaching is not just for high school football. Coaching is for all of life. For example, many people work with an executive coach, a relational coach, or a professional coach. These people are on a journey of self-discovery, learning how to fortify their weaknesses and capitalize on their strengths. They are setting goals and achieving more than they ever thought possible—all with the help of a life coach.

If you have ever thought about working with a life coach, consider reaching out to Thriveworks Newton. The life coaches at Thriveworks Newton have helped many clients who want to achieve more out of life or who are facing unexpected life circumstances. We have been their inspiration and guidance for achievement. Our life coaches are also licensed professionals in the mental health field.

Why Work with a Life Coach?

Any number of circumstances can have people thinking about working with a life coach. It would be impossible to life all of the particular circumstances because there are an infinite number of possibilities. Consider for a moment just two categories of reasons. Often, people work with a life coach because they…

…want to achieve a goal.

    • A big part of life coaching is often goal setting. An expanding career, fulfilling hobbies, and deep relationships require planning and intentionality. How do people achieve what they want in life and stay focused upon what is important? Goals. A well-set goal can bring excitement to people’s lives, as they constantly strive toward a target that they want and that matters to them. Life coaches can often guide people on which goals to set and how to optimize their chances of meeting those goals.

…are facing a particularly challenging or unanticipated situation in their lives. No one wants to hear the words lay-offs, divorce, cancer, bi-polar, and any number of unforeseen challenges that can change life in a moment. How do you date as a single mom? What does it mean to job-search after a lay-off? How can you reach out for the support you need during this medical crisis? No one has to answer these questions alone. Life coaches can often help.

Success and Self-Awareness

When people do not know where they are going, how will they know when they have arrived at success? An important aspect of success is self-awareness: knowing what one’s own priorities are—knowing what success looks like. For some, success looks like more family time. For others, it looks like earning higher wages. For others, it means finding the health care they need. Having a clear vision may sound easy, but it is often harder than people think. Life coaches often work with their clients to clarify what success means to them and increase their self-awareness.

People’s definition of success should be based upon their priorities, values, strengths, and weaknesses. One of the many exercises that life coaches can use to help their clients increase their self-awareness is called the “Miracle Question.” The question comes in many forms, but it asks clients to ignore reality for a moment and dream about…

  • What educational opportunities would you pursue, if money and time were not a factor?
  • If you could live anywhere, where would you choose? What factors would go into your decision?
  • Where would you go on your ideal vacation? What relaxes you and rejuvenates you? Who would go with you?
  • What is your dream vacation? How long would it be? Where would you go? Who would go with you?

The answers to these questions may or may not be achievable, but in either case, they give valuable insights into what people care about, what they value, and what they prioritize. Life coaches can often translate that information into valuable life adjustments.

Meeting with a Life Coach at Thriveworks Newton

Are you ready to schedule an appointment with a life coach? Consider reaching out to Thriveworks Newton. All of our life coaches are also licensed, professional counselors as well. Our staff has experience and training, and we have helped many people find the help they need for achieving their goals or navigating unforeseen circumstances.

When you contact our office, you may have your first appointment within 24 hours. We accept many forms of insurance, and weekend and evening appointments are available. Our office does not keep a waitlist, so you won’t be put on one. Instead, we hope that our clients receive the coaching they need, when they need it. Call Thriveworks Newton today.

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Emily Kossowsky is great!

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age. In fact, my husband was skeptical about couples counseling initially, but really came to value it after a few sessions; the only reason we stopped was because our insurance changed. Both of us found Emily to be a compassionate and fair listener who recommended concrete tools and practices for us that turned out to be quite helpful.

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Maureen is grounded

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tently demonstrated emotional fortitude and sound Judgement, and will add great value to your organization.

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Maureen is a competent, warm, and caring counselor.

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