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Lip wasn’t an ordinary kid. In high school, he wasn’t worried about hanging out with his friends or scoring a girlfriend—he was too busy working and providing for his four young siblings, as the man of the house. Against all odds, however, he passed all of his classes with flying colors and even managed to get into a local university. His future looked nothing but bright… until he started college and was overwhelmed by the change of pace. He struggled to keep up in his classes, he struck out with girls repeatedly, and he just didn’t have the same means to provide for his family. Quickly, he entered a downward spiral. He used alcohol to cope with his stresses, rarely doing anything without a beer in his hand or already swirling around in his stomach. He started to get into trouble at school, broke the law repeatedly, and even strained relationships with his closest loved ones. Lip—whether he liked to admit it or not—had a drinking problem.

While Lip is a fictional character (on the popular TV show Shameless), the problem he presents with substance abuse is very real for millions of people. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 21.5 million Americans suffered with substance use disorder in the year 2014. And most of those individuals didn’t receive treatment. Here at Thriveworks Newton, we understand that treating substance abuse is vitally important—and we know just how beneficial substance abuse counseling can be. Our counselors and therapists dedicate their lives to helping people out of whatever rut they’re in; if you’ve found yourself stuck in a bad spot due to your substance use, consult one of our mental health professionals for substance abuse counseling today.

Do I Have a Substance Abuse Problem?

The majority of individuals who don’t get treated for substance abuse don’t think they need it. This sheds light onto two major elements of substance abuse: first, individuals often fail to recognize they have a problem and two, they often fail to admit they have a problem. But the reality is that millions suffer with the disorder and are addicted to a variety of substances. Common abused substances include:

  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Opioids
  • Pain killers

It’s important to be aware of symptoms that signify the disorder, so one can identify the problem and receive the necessary treatment. Here are common symptoms experienced by those with a substance use problem:

  • Individuals take the substance for longer than intended or in larger amounts.
  • They fail to cut back on or stop using the substance when they try to.
  • They invest a great deal of time into the process of obtaining and using the substance.
  • Individuals experience ongoing cravings or urges use the given substance.
  • They continue to use the substance even when it hurts their relationships.
  • Individuals miss out on important events due to their substance use.
  • They continue to use even when it puts their life in danger.
  • Individuals need increasingly larger quantities as their tolerance goes up.
  • They experience symptoms of withdrawal when they stop using the substance.
  • They use even though they know it could worsen existing physical/psychological problems.

Do the items on this list hit a little too close to home? If so, you might have a substance abuse problem. But don’t worry—as we mentioned before, you can treat this disorder effectively and go on to lead a healthier life. All you have to do is put a little faith in the therapeutic process and reach out to Thriveworks Newton. A mental health professional who specializes in substance abuse counseling can help you find healing when you’re ready.

How Does Counseling for Substance Use Disorder Work?

As we’ve already highlighted, the good news is that substance use disorder is highly treatable. And one effective form is counseling, which can work in various ways—depending on the substance you’re addicted to, how severe the addiction is, and where the addiction stems from, to name a few factors. Still, there are commonalities across most substance abuse sessions. For example, the experience is often rooted in learning new skills that help the individual manage their addiction in day to day life. Individuals also identify harmful behaviors and thought patterns that aid their substance use, and replace them with healthier alternative behaviors and thoughts.

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If you have a substance abuse problem—or even think it’s a remote possibility—you have the opportunity to schedule a therapy session today at Thriveworks Newton. Our counselors and therapists are always ready and eager to help you overcome whatever problem you’re dealing with. And they have the expertise to assist you in living a healthier, as well as a happier life. Give us a call right now at (617) 992-2827 to get started.

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