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Mason was frustrated as he got off the scale. He cannot remember a time that he has liked his body. Even as a kid, Mason had a voice in his head that pointed out every fault and every curve. One of his most clear memories from being a kid was the first time someone called him fat. The hardest part is that Mason has tried. He exercises when he can. He follows the latest health news and does his best to eat well. But every fad exercise or diet program that works in the short-term has never stuck. Mason is weary from trying. He wants to see long-term results. Can you relate? Most likely you can. Many people struggle with their body weight, and more than that, they struggle with their body image and with self-acceptance. That is why many people are also working with a mental health professional as they are managing their weight. The emotional component of weight management can be just as important as the physical component. When people go to counseling for weight management, they are often empowered to cultivate a healthy relationship with their body, and that relationship is often the foundation of long-term change.

“I think there’s so much emphasis on body image and results and outcome, but really what you should be after is to be healthy and to feel good about yourself.”
—Abby Wambach

Being healthy involves so much more than achieving a certain number on a scale or wearing a particular clothing size. Having a healthy body and mind involves accepting one’s body for what it is, in all its imperfections and strengths. Being holistic about health means working with the body, not against it. Thus, weight management is more than eating the right foods. Weight management is also about cultivating the right mindset and focus. Mental health therapists often work with clients to help them achieve this emotional component of weight management.

Thriveworks Marietta provides therapy for clients who want help managing their weight. We understand that fad diets and exercise crazes can leave people weary. We take a different approach. At Thriveworks Marietta, our hope is that our clients come to a place of self-acceptance, emotional health, and physical health.

Weight Management Challenges in America

Managing one’s weight is a common struggle in the US. Many adults and children are working hard but seeing little improvement in their overall health. The Centers for Disease Control has statistics on obesity in America, and the estimates show how widespread the challenge is:

  • 20 % of adults in America are overweight.
  • 20 % of adults in American (ages 20 and older) are obese.
  • 9 % of kids ages 2-5 are obese.
  • 17 % of kids ages 6-11 are obese.
  • 20 % of kids ages 12-19 are obese.

These percentages mean more than body weight, clothing size, cholesterol levels, blood pressures rates, and all the physical ways of measuring health. These percentages also represent the unseen struggle of weight management—the emotional component. When people are struggling with their weight, they are often also facing mental health challenges as well.

The Mind-Body Connection

There are a number of benefits that counseling for weight management can give to people who are struggling with their health. Specifically, skilled therapists can often help their clients identify underlying mental health challenges that are hindering a healthy body image. Also, counseling many also help people learn coping skills that equip them for a long-term healthy relationship with their own body.

Building a Strong Foundation: It is not uncommon for people who are struggling with their weight to also be struggling with other mental health challenges. Depression and anxiety are common problems, but they also have treatments. Eating disorders are often associated with people who are severely underweight, but the truth is that people of all sizes struggle with eating disorders. Finding treatment for these illnesses may make a big difference in an individual’s relationship with their body.

Building toward a Strong Future: When any underlying mental health problems are being treated, people can often build toward their future. When it comes to weight management, this often involves promoting self-awareness. Often, untrue thought patterns are holding people back from self-acceptance. When people grow in their self-awareness, they can identify these negative thoughts and replace them with true ones. For example, it is common for people to tell themselves false things like…

  1. I overate last night so I need to punish myself today.
  2. Being comfortable with my body is not even possible.
  3. Food is the best reward.

In counseling, people often learn how to identify these negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts and healthy coping skills. Therapy for weight management may teach people how to…

  1. Using goals to motivate themselves instead of rewards and punishments.
  2. Delineate between their true inner voice and unhealthy, negative voices.
  3. Cope with difficult emotions (and stop using food to cope).
  4. Deal with setbacks by bouncing back instead of punishing themselves.

In counseling for weight management, the goal is not to follow strict rules for exercise and eating. Instead, the goal is to live a healthy life—emotionally and physically.

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