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Many people don’t understand anger counseling and many others believe myths about it. The reality is that the purpose is not to prevent people from feeling anger. After all, anger is a normal human emotion that we all feel. The goal is to teach people how to react to and handle their anger in a way that doesn’t negatively impact their lives or the lives of others.

Anger in and of itself isn’t a bad thing

Anger is an emotion. Some people never feel more than mildly angry – which is classified as irritation – while others experience intense rage. Changes to the body happen when a person is angry, such as increases in adrenaline, energy hormones, heart rate, and blood pressure. Anger can be caused by a wide range of factors including old memories, worries about personal issues, or as a reaction to other individuals.

Assessing healthy anger levels

The reality is that we are not suited to assess our own anger levels to determine if they’re healthy. For that, people seek out anger counselors who can use psychological tests to gauge the intensity of anger. Factors include how the anger was handled and how often a person feels anger. It’s generally true that those who worry they have an anger problem likely do – otherwise they wouldn’t worry about it – but only an anger coach or counselor can make an assessment.

Anger counseling helps in a number of ways

There are many ways anger counseling can help people. Some of the benefits include:

  • Increasing understanding of anger triggers.
  • Discovering ways to respond to those triggers without aggression.
  • Changing reactions to and thoughts about triggering situations.
  • Relaxation, calmness, and peace even during bouts of anger.
  • An understanding of healthy ways and situations in which to be assertive.
  • Problem-solving techniques that empower clients.

Thriveworks Marietta, GA Counseling & Coaching is here to provide a personalized approach to an individual’s anger problems. This is a normal, healthy emotion that can easily get out of control. Through the help of a counselor, individuals can discover an inner peace and calmness they didn’t know was there.

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