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Jenny graduates from college in a few months with a degree in public relations. While her program of study was full of interesting courses and excellent instructors, she’s graduating without much sense of what she can do with her degree. The few jobs she’s aware of don’t sound very interesting.
Jenny is a perfect candidate for career counseling. While career counseling can benefit people in all stages of employment, it can also help those fresh out of college find some perspective on reasonable job possibilities—including some “outside the box” options.

Whether you’re like Jenny or have been in the working world for years, career counseling can help you get clarity on your goals so you can begin walking the path that will lead you to them.

What do you want to be when you grow up? It’s a question we ask children all the time. They might answer, “A doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, an astronaut.” But then, they grow up and their interests shift. Unfortunately, they don’t always know how to merge their interests with their need for employment. That’s because, while the number of job possibilities is almost endless, there are many that we never hear of—positions that might be perfect for you. A career counselor can help you explore options you never knew existed.

Career counseling isn’t just for those fresh out of school. If you’ve recently been laid off, would like to move up in your career, need to increase your income, or just want to explore your options, we can help. At Thriveworks Marietta, we have career counselors that can help you honestly assess your skills, narrow the field, discuss your goals and aspirations, and find the career where you will thrive.

I’m not miserable, but something is missing. Can career counseling help?

You may have been in your current job for quite some time. The pay is fine, the people you work with are fine, but you are just not happy. You feel like you could make a difference and be more fulfilled in a career more suited for you. When you feel aimless in your job, the rest of your life may suffer, including your relationships and your emotional health. After a few sessions with a Thriveworks Marietta counselor, you’ll be able to determine if you need to switch jobs, work to gain a higher position, or if a shift in attitude was all you needed.

While apathy is certainly a valid reason to seek counseling, there are also many other reasons people come to career counseling. Thriveworks Marietta career counseling clients run the gamut from newly-graduated students who have no clue what to do with their shiny new diploma, to seasoned members of the workforce who have decided to make a major career change. If you’re one of the former, career counseling is a great move. Instead of wandering along through the first few years of professional work, a career counselor can help you find direction. And if you’re interested in making a major career change, a career counselor can walk through your reasoning to make sure it’s sound. From there, we can help you figure out which new career path to take and make sure you’ve got a plan to get the education or certifications you may need to make that change.

It’s not uncommon to seek career counseling only to find a complete career change isn’t necessary—what you’re really seeking is more challenge. That challenge may mean working toward a higher position. We can work with you to gain the skills and develop a strategy to move into that more advanced position.

Making a career change or getting a new job doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It will take some time, research, and work, but that process can be fulfilling, particularly if you have professional help to guide you. Let Thriveworks Marietta career counselors help make the right decision for you.

Of course, figuring out the right career is one thing, but getting a new job is another. Whether you decide to change careers or merely seek a different position, you’ll have to go through at least one interview. Many people become stressed about the interview process, which often feels scary and mysterious—until you learn about it. Your career counselor can help you develop solid interview skills, help you practice answers to questions, and even assist you in presenting more effectively.

You spend most of your life working. Doesn’t it make sense that you’d want to do something fulfilling? Thriveworks Marietta counselors understand the complex relationship between work and the personal self, and we’re here to work with you to bring the two into balance. If you’re not completely satisfied in your current career, contact Thriveworks Marietta. We want to help you be the best version of yourself you can possibly be.

Relating to Superiors and Subordinates

We often see people for counseling who are happy with their career path, but feel they would make more headway if they were better able to relate to their superiors. We also see the reverse—administrators who want to bridge the gap between their day-to-day and their subordinates’ needs and experiences. Thriveworks Marietta career counselors can help with that. We understand that building strong professional relationships is important to creating a productive workplace where workers thrive. If you feel you need help creating stronger professional relationships, we’re ready to help.

Thriveworks Mariette Career Counseling

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