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Kimberly was introduced to lottery tickets at the young age of 5. Every day after school her father would walk into the closest gas station and Kimberly would help him place money into the lottery machine. Her father would also look at her and wink and say, “This time is it honey, we are going to be rich.” Unfortunately they never scratched off more than a dollar or two but it was fun and exciting. As Kimberly got older, she honored her father’s tradition and played the lottery machines, daily. At first she said she was doing it for the memories but deep down it was much more than that. There was a thrill of playing the machines and it was what Kimberly lived for. Slowly, she spent more and more of her paycheck on those tickets, until the day she realized she has spent her entire paycheck.

Addiction is a real and serious issue that can come in various forms and outlets. There are also several signs to keep an eye out for if you or a loved one is struggling.

Symptoms of Addiction

  • Obsession over a behavior or substance
  • Feeling guilt and shame
  • Failure to control actions
  • Patterns of uncontrollable behavior
  • Mood swings when abstaining
  • The behavior produces a negative effect on daily life
  • Behaviors or substances are used to reduce anxiety.   

Overcoming Addiction is a Process

Here at Thriveworks Counseling in Marietta GA, we understand that addictions are a terrible thing. We also know how hard starting the process of restoration can be. We focus on your healing and making sure that it is a positive experience. Thriveworks counselors are leaders in our field of counseling and many have been featured in publications such as Prevention, CNN, The Boston Globe, Counseling Today and many more.

Addiction is hard to admit, so getting help shouldn’t have to be. Thriveworks Marietta addiction counselors are dedicated to patient care and treatment. We are available the moment you call and we will schedule your appointment right away, if not within 24 hours.

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I booked in to see Shira at Thriveworks Marietta and I'm so glad I did. I was only able to do a few sessions, ...Read more

but in that time I learnt a lot about myself and that has really helped me practically in my life. It's so helpful to have a professional walk you through your relationships, including the one that you have with yourself. Shira is particularly kind and is willing to work to get the best for you. The location is nice and there is free coffee. What's not to love?

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