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What do you need to check off your docket today? Most likely, there is a mix of what you have to do and what you would like to do. If you are like most people the list of “have to” is longer than the list of “like to,” but what if that were reversed? All too often, life feels planned and scripted for us, but many people are discovering just how much control they have over their schedule. Often, little adjustments today can lead to significant achievement over a year or over a few years. Many people are setting goals to help them fill up their calendar with more ventures that align with what they want for their lives.

“The thing about goals is that living without them is a lot more fun,
in the short run. It seems to me, though, that
the people who get things done, who lead,
who grow and who make an impact… those people have goals.”
—Seth Godin


A large body of research connects well-set goals with high achievement—when people document specific and time-sensitive goals, they often accomplish them. Goal setting is an effective strategy, but that does not make it easy. Many people know intuitively what Seth Godin explained: goal setting is a difficult endeavor in the short-term, but it is almost always worth the effort in the long-term. There are no short-cuts for success, but there is help and support. Many people are offsetting the short-term challenge of goal setting with goal setting help from a counselor or life coach.

Thriveworks Marietta has seen many clients take on the sacrifices it takes to achieve a goal, and our counselors and coaches have been their support every step of the way. Our professionals know what it takes to help people focus upon what they want out of life.

Goal Setting: What Is the Point?

Almost everyone has an idea of what they want from life—where they want their lives to go and what they would like to accomplish. These dreams are important, but translating them into reality is often very challenging. That is where goals help: every dream needs a game-plan. Setting goals often allows people to…

  1. Focus upon what is important to them.
  2. Ignore distractions that compete for their time and attention.
  3. Take difficult but significant action steps.
  4. Sustain their motivation through difficulties.
  5. Align their behavior and their focus.
  6. Build up their self-control.

Goals: A Variety of Destinations

The idea of setting a goal is often associated with misery: people making themselves do things they need to do but do not want to do (for example, “eat less sugar,” “exercise more,” “pay down that debt,” and on and on). While any goal involves sacrifice, the purpose in setting them is not to make people’s life awful.

The point of setting is a goal is to allow people to live according to what they value, enjoy, and love. When people set a goal, they are essentially saying, this is important to me and worthy of my time and effort. People can express their values through goal setting in any area of life. A few examples include…

  • Financial: What causes and opportunities do you want to put your money toward? How much would you like to earn to support those goals?
  • Attitude: How do you want to cultivate your character? Do you want to be more self-assured? Patient? Kind?
  • Career: What do you want to dedicate your life’s work to achieving? What skills, talents, and opportunities do you currently have?
  • Familial: How do you want to relate to your family? What kind of relationships do you want to establish with your spouse, children, parents, siblings?
  • Play: What energizes you and makes you smile? How can fun become a priority in your daily schedule?
  • Physical: How can you grow healthier and stronger? What aspect of your health matters to you most?
  • Artistic: What creative endeavors do you want to pursue? How can you make room on your calendar for painting? Writing? Playing an instrument? Supporting artists?
  • Educational: How can you grow, learn, and explore? What books do you want to read? What experiences do you want to have? What mentors could you pursue?

An Effective Form for Goals

The specifics of any goal will be personal and unique as the person who makes it. However, effective goals often take the same form, regardless of the person who makes it or the type of goal it is. Often, effective goals are…

  • Shared: Let other people know about your goals. Reach out for allies who will offer encouragement and other forms of tangible support.
  • Written: Documented goals are often taken more seriously. They can then be reviewed as necessary.
  • Time-bound: Give goals a time frame. A deadline is often motivating, and it allows people to experience the achievement of accomplishing a goal.
  • Specific: Make goals measurable. For example, “I will walk for 20 minutes every day this week,” not “I will exercise more.”

Goal Setting Help with Thriveworks Marietta, GA

If you are ready to meet with a coach or a counselor about setting and achieving a goal, know that Thriveworks Marietta has appointments available for goal setting help. Many new clients have their first appointment the day following their first call to our office. We also offer convenient, after-hours appointments, and we work with most insurance companies. Call Thriveworks Marietta today.

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