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There are many things that we can be addicted to, such as drugs, alcohol, and even work. It is fairly easy to identify drug or alcohol addiction, but workaholism can be harder to diagnose. It is admirable to be committed to your career, strive for excellence, and provide for your family. But when you care more about work than anything else, and when you have trouble focusing your attention anywhere else, you may suffer from workaholism.

If you are reading this, you are probably affected by workaholism in some way. Perhaps your spouse or partner is addicted to work. This can cause a breakdown in your relationship, and a great deal of disruption in the family unit. If you are suffering from workaholism, you may feel guilty about your addiction, but have no idea how to change your unhealthy patterns. Thriveworks Marietta counselors can help put your life back on track. We understand that it is easy to be addicted to checking your voicemail, e-mail, and messages. The excitement of that new information can make you unable to focus on your present life. We can help you break that cycle and be more intentional in your relationships outside of work.

At Thriveworks Marietta, GA we do not believe in waiting lists. You may have been procrastinating on getting help for quite some time. We are ready to help you make a change.
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