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Worry can take many shapes. We worry about our relationships, our children, our careers, our future, our health, our safety; the list can go on and on. Sometimes worry becomes a generalized sense of dread or a feeling of insecurity. When worry starts to make normal daily functioning difficult, it becomes an anxiety disorder. Anxiety takes many forms as well. Generalized anxiety, specific phobias and anxiety related to specific situations are just some examples. It is a very common problem and one that is seen often in counseling offices across the country.

Anxiety disorders can make completing even the simplest tasks very difficult.”

Anxiety (worry and fear) can paralyze a person in embarrassing situations, such as when faced with going on an elevator, speaking in front of a large crowd or even socializing with others. Depending on the type and severity of the anxiety issue you are facing, you may encounter tasks or situations daily that are very difficult, or they may only come up once in a great while.
No matter how severe or frequent your anxiety issues, you deserve to function without this burden. You deserve to be free from crippling fear.

Anxiety disorders do not discriminate. People of all ages, genders and levels of socioeconomic status struggle with anxiety. Anxiety disorders often start to appear around age nine or ten, but they can also begin later in life. Sometimes they are triggered by a specific traumatic event, such as in the case of post-traumatic stress disorder. For others, they are more of a generalized sense of dread. Whatever your struggle with anxiety, Thriveworks Marietta, GA Anxiety Therapy counselors are ready and able to help.

We are experienced and educated on how best to help you overcome this issue.

Anxiety Disorders Take Many Forms

Anxiety disorders take on many forms and appearances. Some anxiety disorders are completely debilitating. They can manifest with physical symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, excessive sweating, headaches, fatigue, weakness, trembling or sleeplessness. These symptoms can be quite worrisome to those around you as well. Panic attacks are one type of anxiety disorder that can manifest such intense physical symptoms that they can be mistaken for heart attacks or other serious medical issues.

Perhaps you are seeking help for anxiety disorders that are not yet overwhelming. You often feel a sense of dread, perhaps there are certain places or situations you avoid, or you have trouble falling asleep sometimes. You are wise to seek help before these issues get out of control. It may be easy to avoid certain situations that cause you a great deal of anxiety, but before long, you may see this list of places or situations you avoid grow longer and longer. Do not wait until anxiety has taken over your life.

Types of anxiety disorders include:

  • School phobia (particularly in children)
  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Social anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Panic disorder
  • Agoraphobia (fear of specific places or situations)
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Separation Anxiety

You may feel anxiety or fear when reading this list. It may make you feel embarrassed or overwhelmed to think about having a diagnosed disorder. There is no need to feel this way, although it is very common.

In many ways, it can be a relief to have a name for the feelings you have been experiencing.”

Being able to openly discuss the fear, panic and dread that you are dealing with alone can free you to begin the healing process. Shedding light on these issues makes growth possible.

Help is a Phone Call Away

You do not need to face these issues alone. There is help only a phone call away.

When you call Thriveworks Marietta Anxiety Therapy, we will put you in touch with a licensed, experienced counselor that will help you make the first steps in getting your life back. Do not let anxiety steal your joy in life. We can help you identify what specific type of anxiety disorder you are dealing with, and then help you create a plan for growth and change.

Perhaps you have been dealing with feelings of anxiety since a very young age. You may feel like they are simply part of your personality; you are a worrier. You do not have to be. While it may not be realistic to think that we can ever be completely free from worry or fear in life, it is certainly possible to not be consumed by these feelings.

Alternatively, perhaps there has been some traumatic event in your life, and since it occurred, you have not been the same. This is also very common after experiencing a trauma such as a crime, death, sudden illness or unexpected loss of employment. Perhaps the trauma has occurred to someone you love, and you are seeking help for your spouse or child. It can be incredibly painful to watch someone you love be overcome by anxiety and feel completely helpless. You are doing the right thing by seeking help and encouraging them to speak with a trained counselor. Help is available.

Some methods of treatment for anxiety include:

  • Cognitive behavioral methods
  • Interpersonal therapy
  • Gradual exposure therapy
  • Play therapy for children
  • Possible use of medication
  • Establishing routines, including exercise and relaxation

We will use combinations of these methods to create a treatment plan unique to you, and start you on the path to change and growth immediately. We can be your partners in hope and healing.

Calling Thriveworks Marietta Anxiety Therapy is the first step to creating a life that is not marked and defined by anxiety. You are more than your fears and worries. You can change. Thriveworks counselors can help make that happen.

Why Choose Thriveworks Marietta, GA Anxiety Therapy?

When you choose to trust your deepest fears and anxiety issues to a counselor, you want to be sure that they are ready to hear them. When you call Thriveworks, there is no need to doubt that we are able and experienced. We have counselors and therapists who are experts in their field. Our counselors have been featured in many reputable news outlets and publications, such as The Boston Globe, Counseling Today, Psychiatric Times, Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Journal of Mental Health Counseling, and many others. We are ready to put our expertise to work for you.

We respect and understand that it is often not easy to make that first call. If this is an issue that you have been struggling with for decades, you may have been working on getting up the strength to call a counselor for almost as long. We want to be ready to listen when you are ready to talk.

For that reason, we pride ourselves on not operating with a waiting list.

We know how difficult it was to pick up that phone, and how much anticipation you may have for that first appointment with a counselor. In most cases, we have appointments available within 24 hours for new clients. We have counselors available for you, your child, your spouse or your loved one. You do not have to struggle in silence any longer. We can be your trusted partner in growth and healing.

Call Thriveworks Counseling and get help to overcome the anxiety in your life. Call us at 404-439-9981.

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