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Understanding where infidelity comes from is hard, especially for those people who have suffered as a result of it. Many scientists believe that it is a fundamental part of human nature, an action that has developed to the benefit of the survival of the human race. This idea appears to be confirmed by the fact that adultery is recognized in nearly every single culture on the planet – from a historical context this also appears to be the case.

Despite infidelity being inherent in the human nature, the condemnation of it is also a universally held view. An opinion poll carried out in 1992 suggests that 90%-95% of Americans believe that an act of infidelity is always reprehensible and there is no justification for it. This is an interesting figure when contrasted with the fact that an estimated 20%-25% of all married individuals will commit an act of infidelity at least once during their married life.

Counseling for infidelity can help a couple to identify the specific causes that may have contributed to the betrayal in their relationship. Understanding the roots of the problem can often help the couple decide on what is the most suitable course of action for their relationship.

Counseling For Infidelity – Can It Help?

When a spouse or a partner discovers that his or her other half has committed infidelity, the emotional response is almost always very powerful. Starting with anger it moves through to sadness and eventually grief. The resultant fallout from the act can be devastating to a relationship – a distrust of the partner by the victim, hate for the unfaithful person and a variety of other reactions can completely change the relationship dynamic.

Navigating towards an amicable resolution, be it reconciliation or separation, can be a hard thing to achieve without external support. With counseling for infidelity, the therapist will help guide and shape the communication between the affected partners, allowing them to identify the most appropriate resolution by themselves.

Expert counselors at Thriveworks Marietta, GA always strive to provide a discrete and unbiased service to their customers. They do their best to enable the couple to identify the correct outcome for their individual relationship. Whilst many relationships can be salvaged, it is important to acknowledge that sometimes the most satisfactory option is to separate. No matter what you and your partner decide, we are here to help. So why not get in touch now to get your relationship back on track.

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