Waiting on Hold with VA Licensure Board

Waiting on Hold with VA Licensure BoardIf you think that transferring a counseling license has gotten easier, faster, or simpler since the NBCC came out with the NCC, think again….

Mr. ______,

This is to acknowledge receipt of additional paperwork (licensure verification from STATE) by the Board of Counseling.  Your file will be put into the queue for the Credentials Reviewer after receipt of exam score(s).

The Credentials Reviewer is tasked with the responsibility of determining that you meet Virginia’s coursework and experience requirements.  Credentials reviews take place twice a month (it does not guarantee that your file will be reviewed if it is already in the queue).  You will receive a letter as soon as possible from the Board staff after the review to let you know your status.

Note:  The process begins when an application/registration is received, then an administrative review of the file will be done to determine that we have the required documentations/information needed to submit to the credentials reviewer.  If anything is missing or not sufficient, the applicant will be contacted (usually by email).  Once all documents/information are received, the file is placed in the queue for the Credentials Reviewer who makes the determination if the applicant has met all requirements for residency/licensure.  Credential reviews occur twice a month, and we are currently running over 150 files per Credentials review.  After review by the Credentials Reviewer, the Board will send the applicant a letter as to whether the applicant is approved or if additional information is required.  The entire Board review process may take several months. It may take several months because the review process is lengthily due to the volume and complexity of applications.  All applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and in the order in which they were received (any subsequent submissions by the applicant, are reviewed in the order in which they were received).  Please visit our website (listed below) frequently for updates and/or changes that may affect your registration of supervision or licensure application.

Example:  If your file was previously in queue and had been reviewed but documents/information was missing, you should have been notified by a staff member.  After you were notified, your file was filed back in the file room and would only be placed back in queue if all requested documents were received that required your file to be reviewed again or if an additional add/change supervisor registration was received.  All files are reviewed on a case-by-case base and in the order, they were received.

Best regards,

_______, Administrative Assistant
Board of Counseling
9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 300
Henrico, VA  23233

PHONE:  (804) 367-4610
FAX:  (804) 527-4435