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Mushrooms are “brain food” for seniors, 50% reduced odds of cognitive impairment! (Video)

Seniors should eat more mushrooms—a six-year study from the National University of Singapore says doing so could prevent cognitive decline. Researchers were shocked to find that seniors who consume more than two portions of mushrooms each week may have 50% fewer odds of experiencing mild cognitive impairment. Additionally, even one…

Exercise improves self-esteem and mood of patients in psychiatric care facilities! (Video)

Exercise improves self-esteem and mood of patients in psychiatric care facilities. This, according to researchers at the University of Vermont. Researchers built a gym in the university medical center’s inpatient psychiatry unit and introduced 60-minute exercise regimens into each patient’s treatment plan. The team surveyed patients on their mood, self-esteem,…

You can influence anti-vaccine individuals to become pro-vaccine by introducing them to someone with a vaccine-preventable illness, according to researchers

New research shows that we can reduce vaccine hesitancy by introducing the hesitant individual to someone with a vaccine-preventable disease. Researchers sought to understand how we can change anti-vaccine attitudes due to a recent rise in vaccine-preventable diseases and vaccine hesitancy. The experimented with 574 college students, 83 of which…

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