Medication-related pregnancy questions: What anxiety prescriptions are safe during pregnancy?

If you’re pregnant, or are trying to conceive, chances are you’re curious (and maybe a little nervous) about how certain medications and substances might affect your pregnancy. You probably know to avoid alcohol and limit caffeine among other things. But what about psychiatric medications? How can prescription drugs that you’re…

Parents and teachers: Work together to identify learning disorders in kids and help them learn, live well

Learning disorders usually present in children at a young age. However, that doesn’t always mean that a diagnosis will be provided promptly. Often, parents wonder if their child’s delays or behaviors are normal (because what’s normal, anyhow?) or think they’ll “grow out of it.” Fortunately, there are other key figures…

Providing emotional support and stability for children during a divorce

Divorce is common, but that doesn’t make it any easier to handle. Trying to process your own feelings while carrying on with day-to-day life can feel, at best, overwhelming, at worst, almost impossible. The complications that accompany divorce become far more intricate when there are children involved. Remember, no matter…

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