Understanding pandemic-related anxiety disorders like post-covid stress disorder (PCSD)

In this post-covid era, mental health professionals are seeing a new type of anxiety disorder, post-covid stress disorder (PCSD), appear. While the social stigmas surrounding mental health topics are steadily losing steam, the covid-19 pandemic reminded us that we often put our mental wellbeing on the backburner. While the world…

Missing the tailgates and cheering from the stands? College football fans are taking a hard hit this season

As soon as talk about a looming global pandemic swept across the States, everyone took a hard, isolated hit. For fans of sports teams, this was an especially hard transition in a unique way. Most major sports seasons were halted or altered—which meant that fans of these sports teams weren’t…

What will back to school look like for your child? Understand the challenges your child will face and help them prepare for the new school year

As schools prepare to reopen in September, the uncertainty of what to expect raises a myriad of questions and feelings for parents and students alike. What will the procedures be like in schools? Will children be asked to wear masks and social distance? Will full classroom learning continue, or will…

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