Narcissistic tendencies vs. narcissistic personality disorder (NPD): What’s the difference?

Though both narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) and being narcissistic are centered around self-infatuation, there are crucial differences in severity, pervasiveness, and duration. NPD is characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance; these people often lose friends and family due to their self-obsession but are able to replace them quickly due…

Is being stubborn a good or bad thing?

Being labeled as stubborn is common over the course of our lives; however, the reasons behind our stubborn behavior can vary and may have unique psychological drivers.  It’s important to note that being stubborn isn’t always a bad thing—there are both beneficial and detrimental motives for stubbornness.   It’s okay to…

Why are men and women with dark personality traits more likely to cheat on their partners?

In monogamous relationships, sexual and emotional faithfulness is often an unspoken but implied rule. Many cultures worldwide share similar beliefs about the significance of and commitment to monogamy. However, men and women with dark personality traits (being prone to manipulation, lying, violence, sadism, Machiavellianism) are more likely to cheat on…

Fun facts about birthdays: Relative age effect, temporal landmarks, and seasonal personality traits

Hard science can begin to look like astrology when it comes to researching the importance of birthdays and season of birth (SOB).  Birthdays are proven to influence everything from your success in school and sports to your physical health.  Birthdays can serve as temporal landmarks that enhance motivation—or deepen depression….

Our purchases reveal our personality! (Video)

Our purchases say a lot about our personality, such as how materialistic we are. This, according to researchers from Gladstone and Columbia Business School.  Researchers analyzed more than 2 million spending records from over 2,000 individuals. They also administered a short personality survey that was designed to measure participants’ materialism,…

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